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Aldersgate Distance Education Program


Thank you for your interest in the Aldersgate Distance Education Program (ADEP). We call ourselves the Aldersgate Distance Education Program because we like to serve those busy people whose hearts beat warmly for God and for ministry. Like Wesley, whose heart was “strangely warmed” with the assurance of salvation in Aldersgate on May 24, 1738, you have come to know the reality of God’s presence and are now seeking to know and serve Him better. ADEP will help to fulfill that heart desire!

Our Mission: The Aldersgate Distance Education Program provides academic training to those deeply committed to ministry but unable to attend GBSC as traditional students.

Our primary goals are to help non-traditional students:

  • Deepen their relationship with God, becoming more Christlike in their character and conduct,
  • Become better equipped with ministry skills such as evangelism and discipleship,
  • Deepen their appreciation and knowledge of Scripture and theology,
  • Develop better writing proficiency and other abilities necessary for success in life and ministry.


God’s Bible School and College offers generous financial assistance through the Student Work Program, various federal and state grants and loans, endowed scholarships and academic scholarships. For more information about obtaining financial assistance, please visit Financial Aid


ADEP offers the following majors and cognates:

  • BA in Biblical and Theological Studies
  • BA in Ministerial Education
    • Christian Leadership Track
    • Education Track
    • Pastoral Counseling Track
    • Pastoral Ministry Track
    • Urban Ministry Track
    • World Missions Track
  • BA in Church and Family Ministries
    • Apologetics Cognate
    • Church Leadership Cognate
    • Christian Counseling Cognate
    • Intercultural Studies & World Missions Cognate
    • Elementary Education Cognate
  • AA in Bible and Theology
  • AAS in Ministerial Education