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Aldersgate Distance Education Program

Welcome from the ADEP Director

Thank you for your interest in the Aldersgate Distance Education Program of GBSC!  We call ourselves the Aldersgate Distance Ed Program because we like to serve those busy people whose hearts beat warmly for God and for ministry. Like Wesley, whose heart was “strangely warmed” with the assurance of salvation in Aldersgate on May 24, 1738, you have come to know the reality of God’s presence and are now seeking to know and serve Him better.  ADEP will help fulfill that desire of your heart.

ADEP offers four complete programs, the AA in Bible & Theology, the AAS in Ministerial Education, the BA in Ministerial Education, and the BA in Church and Family Ministries. These are excellent, substantial (and fully accredited) degrees and both will prepare you in a significant way for ministry and for life.  Of course, you can also take classes “a la carte” -- if we offer a course, generally you can take it and then transfer it into another program that the course fits into.

Off to the left of this page, you will see a link that will take you to a list of courses currently being offered as blended classes—classes that combine online learning with on campus block sessions. Many ADEP students come to GBS for 2-4 days once or twice per semester to attend these block class sessions (each class meets only once like this per semester). Students seem to really enjoy the education they get and the interaction they have with their teachers and other students while they’re on campus.

We also offer many courses completely online to those who find it impossible to come onto campus. You will find a link to a list of these courses on the left side of this page. Recently we were approved by our regional accreditation body (the highest accreditation for institutions available) to offer completely online degrees. So expect to be able to take all of the courses that you need completely online if that is the only way you can take them.

Since our online learning management system allows students to download complete courses onto their computers, even those with irregular Internet connections can keep up with their studies. As long as you are able to connect to the Internet with a (Windows based) computer at least once per week, you will be able to stay on track--since you can work on assignments offline and even submit them offline in the installed “player.”

The attractive, robust features of our online system and the frequent use of videotaped lectures of GBS professors make these online courses interesting, effective, and comparable to our regular on-campus classes.

We have available a preview of an online course in our learning management system. If you are interested in looking at this preview, click on the Request Information link on the left. In the comment section, tell us that you would like to see the “Preview” course.   We will provide you with a unique username and password that will give you access to that course.

Feel free to browse all the links from this page, including the FAQs, and to fill out the online application.  If you have any questions, you may email me at mbird@gbs.edu or the general ADEP email address: aldersgate@gbs.edu.

God bless you!
Dr. Mark Bird

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