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GBSC Public Relations presents the
Summer Camp Directory—2007


  • June 4–8 Alabama Bible Methodist Youth Camp, Pell City, AL. Evangelist: Rev. John Manley; GBS Harmony Quartet; Information: Rev. Doug Eads, Youth President 205-799-4169
  • June 5–10 Berean Bible Camp, Centerville, TX. Evangelists: Rev. Mike Yancey, Jr., Blane Barger (Youth), Chari Mullins (Children); Singers: Brad and Gillian Davis (Music); Information: Rev. Pat Courtney 918-224-8381
  • June 5–10 International Conservative Holiness Association Camp, Greenfield, IN. Evangelists: Dr. Noel Scott, Rev. Daniel Stetler; Singers: The Barry Whitakers; Information: Rev. Buddy Perry, Chairman 765-649-0672
  • June 6–10 Canaan Grove Camp Meetings, Kleinfeltersville, PA. Evangelist: Rev. Harry Plank; Information: Robert Booth 717-273-0123
  • June 7–17 Beulah Camp, Repton, AL. Evangelists: Dr. Nelson Purdue, Dr. Bill Ury, Dr. Steve Blakemore (Bible Teacher); Information: Felton E. Smith, Sr., President 251-765-2519
  • June 7–17 Jefferson County Holiness Association, Scottsburg, IN. Evangelist: Rev. Earl Newton; Singers: Larry and LaDonna Thomas; Information: Donald Shearer, Camp President 812-375-1119
  • June 8–15 North Central Holiness Camp, St. Marys, OH. Evangelists: Rev. Larry Pettit, Rev. Knox Bullock; GBS Assurance Quartet, Sunday p.m.; Information: Rev. Ken Burchett 740-998-5912
  • June 11–14 Appalachian Youth Ministries Kid’s Adventure, Alexandria, IN. Evangelist: Rev. M.R. McCrary; Information: Rev. Ray McCrary 765-969-0366
  • June 11–14 Roxbury Children and Youth Camp, Roxbury, PA. Evangelists: Rev. Dan Durkee (Teens), Clara Ritchey (Children); GBS Assurance Quartet; Information: Pastor John Geyer, Director 814-652-6409
  • June 11–15 Kansas State Holiness Youth Camp, Abilene, KS. Evangelist: Rev. Jonathan Earls; GBS Youth Camp Team; Information: Rev. Todd Hurst, President 785-452-9453
  • June 11–15 Wesleyan Holiness Youth Camp, Greenfield, IN. Evangelist: Rev. John Gilley; Information: Rev. Nathan Shockley 989-681-2591 cityparson@msn.com
  • June 12–17 National Association of Holiness Churches, Muncie, IN. Evangelists: Rev. Bill McCoy, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kunselman (Children’s Workers); Singers: Tom and Judy Bell; Information: Rev. David Light, General Chairman 540-797-2013
  • June 15–24 Ebenezer Holiness Baptist Camp, Columbia, SC. Evangelist: Rev. Marshall Smart, Dr. Noel Scott; Singers: The Bill Kelloggs; Information: Rev. J.R. McElwain 803-699-0140 or 423-329-2779
  • June 16–21 Woodland Family Camp, Alexandria, IN. Evangelists: Dr. Mark Smith, Rev. Sherwood David Graham; Singers: Quinton Brown Singers; Information: Frank Baldwin 772-285-4708
  • June 18–20 Wesleyan Tabernacle Association, Beech Grove, IN. Evangelist: Rev. Ben Durr Jr.; Information: Rev. Richard Williams, Moderator 937-587-6275
  • June 18–22 CYM Friends Youth Camp, Muncie, IN. Evangelist: Rev. Michael Wetherald; GBS Harmony Quartet; Information: Jonathan Covert 765-509-0075
  • June 18–22 Pilgrim Youth Camp, Frankfort, IN. Evangelist: Rev. Don Davison; Singers: GBS Assurance Quartet; Information: Rev. John Zeigler, Director 812-473-0531
  • June 19–24 Heartland Bible Methodist Camp, St. Marys, OH. Evangelists: Rev. Mark Cravens, Rev. Terry Going, Rev. David Bubb (Youth), Rev. Rodger McCreery Family (Children); Singers: Keith Waggoner Sr.; GBS quartet, Friday p.m.; Information: Betty Jewett 937-746-3244
  • June 21–July 1 Belsano Holiness Camp, Belsano, PA. Evangelists: Rev. Joseph Smith, Rev. William Cope, Rev. Dan Stetler; Singers: Dan Cope Family; Information: Rev. Robert Thompson, President 814-749-7983
  • June 21–July 1 Sharon Camp Meeting Association, Wadsworth, OH. Evangelists: Rev. Roger Parsons, Rev. Lane Loman, Rev. Dale Freed, Mr. Dan Conkey (Bible Teacher); Singer: Kelly Riley; Information: Dan Conkey, President 330-666-4753 danconkey@adelphia.net
  • June 22–July 1 Pilgrim Holiness Camp, Frankfort, IN. Evangelists: Rev. James Plank, Rev. G.R. French; Singers: William and Naomi Tillis; Information: Rev. James Southerland, President 317-407-9229
  • June 25–29 International Fellowship of Bible Churches Youth Camp, Orleans, IN. Information: Loy Mershimer, Director ldmershimer@yahoo.com
  • June 25–29 IHYC Youth Camp, ICHA Campgrounds, Greenfield, IN. Evangelist: Rev. Dan Durkee; GBS and other Bible college groups; Information: Rev. Rick Maloyed 517-523-2989
  • June 26–29 Rock Lake Bible Methodist Youth Camp, Vestaburg, MI. Evangelist: Rev. Steve Harvey; Information: Doug Derscheid 231-734-2159
  • June 26–July 1 Wesleyan Fellowship Camp, Lucasville, OH. Evangelist: Rev. Ray Lassell, Rev. Harold Cox; Information: Rev. T.G. Bloomfield, Director 740-259-3873, 740-353-1741
  • June 27–July 8 Bryantsburg Holiness Camp, Versailles, IN. Evangelist: Rev. M.R. McCrary; Information: Rev. Troy Whitham 812-584-1395
  • June 28–July 8 Victory Grove, Albany, NY. Evangelists: Rev. David Fuller, Rev. Kenneth Thompson; Singers: Larry and LaDonna Thomas; Information: Rev. Donald M. Myers 518-456-3436
  • June 29–July 8 Cumberland Grove Wesleyan Camp, Jamestown, TN. Evangelist: Dr. J. Eldon Neihoff, Dr. O.W. Willis; Singers: Matt and Joy Barnett; Information: Dr. Marlin Hotle, President 865-494-0565
  • June 29–July 8 Fellowship Camp, Hanover, PA. Evangelists: Dr. Robert E. England, Rev. Rollin Mitchell; Singers: Rev. and Mrs. Tom Bell; Information: Rev. John M. Fisher, President 717-632-4090


  • July 2–6 International Conservative Holiness Association Youth Camp, Greenfield, IN. Evangelist: Rev. Mark Cravens; GBS music group; Information: Rev. Andrew Stroud 317-509-2002
  • July 2–8 Alabama Bible Methodist Camp, Pell City, AL. Evangelist: Rev. John Parker, Rev. Marc Sankey, Rev. William Snider (Bible Teacher), Rev. Jonathan Heath (Youth), Rev. and Mrs. Byron Gurnee (Children's Workers); Singers: Rev. and Mrs. Alan Walter; GBS quartet, Friday p.m.; Information: Rev. Walter Hedstrom, Camp President 205-338-2743 whedstrom@juno.com
  • July 2–8 Brown County Holiness Camp, Gnawbone, IN. Evangelist: Rev. Monty Mahoney; Singers: Larry and Phyllis Richards; Information: Rev. John Moffat 812-936-2887
  • July 3–8 Ontario Interdenominational Holiness Association Camp, Pefferlaw, Ontario. Evangelists: Dr. Allan Brown, Rev. Daniel Stetler, Matt and Dorcas Hallam (Youth), Heidi Hoffman (Children); Information: Rev. Joel Byer, President 519-683-2093
  • July 3–8 Wesleyan Bible Camp, McCall, ID. Evangelist: Rev. Richard Gremillion; Singers: Lucas and Hanna Shrout; Information: Rev. Melvin Adams, President 208-369-0211
  • July 6–15 Letts Camp, Greensburg, IN. Evangelist: Rev. Rick Maloyed; Singers: Daniel Edwards Family; Information: Rev. Jim Terry, President 812-767-0261
  • July 8–15 Fern Creek Wesleyan Camp, Louisville, KY. Evangelist: Rev. M.R. McCrary; Singers: Ben and Sue Colburn; Information: Rev. John Basham 772-546-4654
  • July 9–13 Carolina Christian Youth Camp, Thomasville, NC. Evangelist: Rev. John Manley; Singers: GBS, AWC, PVBI, UBC, and HSBC; Information: Scott Blackmon, President 336-474-0305, asbnc2000@yahoo.com
  • July 9–14 NCS Band Camp, Beech Grove, IN. Information: Dennis Joslin, Coordinator 317-787-9770
  • July 9–15 John T. Hatfield Camp, Greenfield, IN. Evangelist: Rev. Rollin Mitchell; Information: Rev. J.C. Phillips, President 317-632-3436
  • July 9–15 Tennessee Bible Methodist Camp, Knoxville, TN. Evangelists: Rev. Tom Bell, Rev. Orlow Webb; Singers: The Bells and Mrs. Orlow Webb; Information: Rev. Joe Sifford, Camp President 423-581-1391
  • July 10–12 International Conservative Holiness Association Kids Camp, Greenfield, IN. Evangelists: Jim and Lori Spurgin Family; Information: Rev. Buddy Perry, Chairman 765-649-0672
  • July 13–22 Rock Lake Bible Methodist Camp, Vestaburg, MI. Evangelists: Rev. Don Davison, Rev. Mike Wetherald, Gene and Angie Davis (Children); Singers: Tim Crater Family; Information: Rev. Blake Jones 989-427-3178
  • July 15–22 Pilgrim Nazarene Church Camp, Big Sandy, TX. Evangelists: Rev. Dale Hayford, Rev. John Parker, Rev. Mark Cravens, Rev. Charles Dodd IV (Youth), Mrs. Sue Burchett (Children); GBS quartet, July 15; Information: Rev. David Taylor, General Secretary 903-965-7342 dtaylor@wnj.org
  • July 16–20 Heartland Bible Methodist Youth Camp, Mendon, OH. Evangelist: Rev. Deron Fourman; GBS Reflection Trio; Information: Rev. Chris Cravens 419-694-1094, cdcravens@juno.com
  • July 16–20 Wesleyan Fellowship Youth Camp, Lucasville, OH. Information: Rev. T.G. Bloomfield, Director 740-259-3873, 740-353-1741
  • July 16–22 Heartland Holiness Association Camp, Tryon, OK. Evangelists: Rev. M.R. McCrary, Dr. Noel Scott; Singers: Darrell and Liz Stetler; GBS quartet, Tuesday; Information: Rev. Gary Jackson, President 580-763-2934
  • July 18–22 Athens Youth Camp, Sherwood, MI. Evangelist: Rev. Rowan Fay; Singers: Ron and Becky Arnold Family; GBS quartet; Information: Doug Damon 269-275-6230 dougdamon@yahoo.com
  • July 19–29 Clinton Camp, Clinton, PA. Evangelist: Rev. Rollin Mitchell, Rev. Benjamin Crawford, The Victory Trio (Youth), David and Chris Randolph (Children); Singers: Don and Valerie Quales; Information: Esther Beatty 937-258-8178
  • July 20–29 Great Lakes District Wesleyan Holiness Camp, Mecosta, MI. Evangelists: Tim Cole Family; Information: Rev. Nathan Shockley 989-681-2591 cityparson@msn.com
  • July 23–27 Appalachian Youth Camp, Roxbury, PA. Evangelist: Dr. Michael Avery; Information: Rev. Ray McCrary, President 765-969-0366
  • July 24–29 Carthage Holiness Camp, Carthage, KY. Evangelist: Rev. Mark Cravens; Singers: Henry and Jan Miller; Information: Rev. Henry Miller, Director 205-338-7118
  • July 26–August 3 Kansas State Holiness Association Camp Meeting, McPherson, KS. Evangelists: Dr. James Keaton Sr., Rev. Kenneth Thompson, Rev. Joseph Smith (Bible teacher), Carol Avery (children’s worker); Information: Eileen Comfort, 805 Williams Ave., Miltonvale, KS 67466
  • July 26–August 5 Armstrong Holiness Interdenominational Camp Association, Shelocta, PA. Evangelists: Rev. and Mrs. William Tillis, Rev. Larry Warren; Singers: Rev. and Mrs. William Tillis; Information: Mr. Russell Blystone 724-726-0222
  • July 26–August 5 Athens (Indian) Family Camp, Sherwood, MI. Evangelist: Dr. Noel Scott; Singers: Bill and Crystal Kellogg; Information: Doug Damon 269-275-6230 dougdamon@yahoo.com
  • July 26–August 5 Bethel Holiness Camp, Marion, OH. Evangelists: Ben Watts, Gary Ickes; Singer: Lester Armstrong; Information: Bob Jones, President 740-382-5640
  • July 26–August 5 Camp Sychar, Mt. Vernon, OH. Evangelists: Dr. Ed Williamson, Rev. Roger Parsons, Dr. Dan Tipton, Dr. Ted Esselstyn (Bible Teacher); Singer: Ken Osborne; Information: Dr. Gary Campbell, President 740-392-5475 jgcampbell@dcr.net
  • July 26–August 5 Pierce County Holiness Association Camp, Tacoma, WA. Evangelist: Rev. Robert Wilson; Singers/Youth Workers: Michael and Crystal Mason; Information: Rev. Paul Taylor, President 253-529-5460
  • July 30–August 2 New York Pilgrim Youth Camp, Binghamton, NY. Evangelist: Rev. Steve Cassidy; GBS quartet; Information: Rev. Perry Case 315-465-6761
  • July 30–August 5 Pilgrim Bible Camp, Carson City, MI. Evangelist: Rev. Jack Hooker, Rev. Rob Cravens, Chip Bullock (Children); Singers: Jerry Glick Family; Information: Knox Bullock, President 616-443-3914


  • August 1–12 Portage Holiness Camp, Streetsboro, OH. Evangelists: Dr. Marlin Hotle, Rev. Claude Nicholas; Singers: The Hoosier Harmony Quartet; Information: Samuel Suman, 1409 N. Union St., Fostoria, OH 44830
  • August 2–5 CYF Youth Camp, Etters, PA. Evangelist: Rev. Steve Gresham; GBS quartet; Information: Mr. Jeff Paulus 717-870-7943
  • August 2–12 Hancock County Camp, Findlay, OH. Evangelist: Rev. George Holley; Singers: Dotson Family; Information: Richard Shaferly, Secretary 419-387-7226
  • August 2–12 Interdenominational Holiness Camp, Christiansburg, VA. Evangelists: Dr. James Keaton Sr., Rev. Steve Tomek family (Youth Workers); Singers: Charles and Tammy McKenzie; Information: Rev. Dwayne Martin 540-382-9403 dwayne87@msn.com
  • August 3–12 Binghamton Camp, Hillcrest, NY. Evangelists: Rev. Joseph Smith, Rev. Paul Pierpoint; Singers: Paul and Nancy Gray; Information: Rev. Paul Case 607-655-1816
  • August 3–12 Callis Grove Holiness Camp, Bedford, KY. Evangelist: Rev. John White; Singers: Darrell and Regina Stetler; Information: Mr. Kline Barnes, President 502-268-5405
  • August 3–12 Salisbury Bible Methodist Camp, Salisbury, NC. Evangelists: Dr. Noel Scott, Rev. Roger Hatfield; Singers: Don and Valerie Quales; Information: Mr. David Newton, Camp President 704-279-6916 or 704-279-5231
  • August 5–11 Shenandoah Family Camp of the Wesleyan Church, Culloden, WV. Evangelists: Rev. Mike Enwis, Dr. Paul Mills (Bible Teacher); Singers: The Jewetts; Information: Burl Blackburn 304-562-3011
  • August 9–19 Richland Holiness Camp, Richland, NY. Evangelists: Rev. M.R. McCrary, Dr. Glen Reiff, Joyce Lambeth (Children); Singers: Rev. and Mrs. David Fuller; Information: Doug Canfield, Secretary 315-592-8064 djcanfield@afo.net
  • August 10–19 Lebanon Valley Holiness Association Camp, Ono, PA. Evangelist: Rev. Dan Durkee; Singers: Dan Durkee Family; Information: Bradley Spitler 717-933-5635
  • August 10–19 Port Matilda Holiness Camp, Port Matilda, PA. Evangelists: Rev. Melvin Beecher, Rev. Dan Kaufman; Singers: Steve and Nicole Cassidy; Information: Rev. Charles Elliott, Camp President 814-692-7889


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