Being Let by the Spirit

by | Sep 3, 2019

The Apostle Paul tells us in Galatians 5:18 that we are to be led by the Spirit, but don’t let any man imagine that he can be led by the Spirit until after a number of things have taken place in his life.

First, he must be convicted by the Holy Ghost until he realizes that he is a sinner, and in the next place he must repent of his sins, and in the next place he must confess his sins, and then he must forsake his sins, and then he must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. These things all must take place in the life of a man before he can be born of the Spirit.

And when he is born of the Spirit, that brings him into the family of God, and now as a son or a daughter of the Almighty he can consecrate himself wholly to God, lay himself on the altar, take his hands off, and believe, as Abraham did, “what he had promised, he was able also to perform” (Rom. 4:21), and then he will be filled with the Spirit. Now these things must take place before a man can be led by the Spirit.

At a glance the reader can see that nothing will be easier than for that man to be led by the Spirit, and the Holy Ghost will become his Leader, his Guide, and his
Instructor. Christ has said that, when the Holy Ghost “is come, he will guide you into all truth.” That is another way to say that the Holy Spirit will lead you. He also said that He would bring all things to your remembrance; that is, the Holy Ghost will take the very words of Jesus just as He spoke them and so write them in your heart and in your mind that it will be well-nigh impossible ever to forget them.

So we see that to be born and filled and led will make the most peculiar creature in the world out of a man. And a peculiar creature is not a man that does peculiar things. Understand, he might do peculiar things, but the peculiar things are not always an evidence that the man has this wonderful experience of full salvation. But, nevertheless, a man that is really led by the Holy Ghost will go many places and do many things and say many things that will seem strange to other people….

The man that is led by the Holy Spirit will never pass through a day that we used to call “blue days,” lonesome and sad and downcast, although he may have many trials and hardships and many battles with the devil. But if his heart is filled with the Spirit and he is led by the Spirit, he will have a joyous, victorious life. In fact he will be more than conqueror, because when a man is led by the Spirit it proves that he is willing to be led. No man can make a leader until he is willing to be led himself; no man can make a teacher until he is willing to be taught; and no man can make a commander until he himself is willing to obey.

A beautiful thing about the Spirit-filled life is that no power in earth or hell can drive the Holy Ghost out of the life of the man that is being led by Him. Poverty can
never do it; afflictions and disappointments can never do it. To be snubbed by a friend and sneered at by an enemy will never drive Him out. Bless God, as long as I myself am willing to keep the Holy Ghost as my Leader, there is not ever enough power on earth or in the pits of outer darkness to rob me of my Leader!

How thankful we ought to be that God in His goodness and love and mercy has provided a way by which a man passing through a world of sin and darkness should have such a wonderful Leader and Guide as the blessed Holy Ghost! Bless His name! My heart leaps for joy as I remember that He said, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Heb. 13:5).

And for thirty years I have gone no place that the Holy Ghost didn’t lead me, and, thank God, I never will. Bless His name forever!