What to Bring to Campus

What Should You Bring to GBSC?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s a list of things you may want to bring as you transition to the Hilltop! Note: These are just to help you think! They are not all absolutely necessary. 🙂

One of the most important things to remember is that you don’t need to bring your life to college. You have a limited amount of space that you’re probably sharing with another person. Keep it light; keep it neat.

Your life now consists of dorms, classes, dining hall, and lots of fun. Don’t let this list influence you to buy stuff that you’re not going to use. The main thing to keep in mind is saving money and downsizing.

On the other hand, you’re going to be on your own (maybe for the first time) and there may be a lot of things you usually don’t have to think about (laundry supplies, dishes, etc).

For a more general list head over to BetterCollegeStudent.com and read the article, “What should I bring to college?

Bed stuff

  • 2 sets of bed sheets (twin)
  • 2 or 3 pillows/pillowcases
  • light blanket/heavy blanket
  • mattress pad (memory foam is the best)
  • under-bed storage

Computer stuff

  • laptop or desktop (laptops are best)
  • ethernet cable (although most places on campus now have wifi)
  • USB flash drives
  • keyboard/mouse/mousepad
  • power strip with surge protector (make sure to buy one with a long cord)

School stuff

  • pens/pencils/highlighters/markers/sharpies
  • scissors
  • calculator
  • stapler/staples
  • glue/tape
  • cup to put your pens/pencils in
  • erasers
  • loose leaf paper
  • notebooks/binders/folders
  • 3-hole punch
  • post-it notes
  • backpack/book bag
  • assignment notebook/planner
  • calendar
  • desk lamp
  • envelopes/stamps
  • stationary
  • rubber bands/paper clips
  • garbage can (metal or plastic is best)

Dorm stuff

  • Bible/devotional Materials
  • wall decorations (that will go up with very small nails or tacks)
  • Christmas lights
  • phone/charger
  • speakers
  • air freshener
  • batteries
  • small vacuum cleaner (You will need to provide your own cleaning supplies)
  • AC (must be brand new/ cannot exceed 8,000 BTUs ) ($75 per semester)

Cooking stuff

  • microwave ($75 per semester)
  • mini fridge ($75 per semester)
  • a few plastic bowls/plates/cups
  • knife (blade less than 3” long)
  • a few forks/spoons
  • reusable water bottle
  • sponge
  • small bottle of dish soap
  • chip clips
  • plastic food containers (like Tupperware)

Dorm food

  • easy mac
  • ramen noodles
  • peanut butter
  • Nutella
  • tea
  • honey
  • instant coffee
  • sugar packets
  • powder coffee creamer/little coffee creamer cups
  • granola bars
  • cereal
  • oatmeal packets
  • popcorn
  • soup at hand
  • pop
  • energy drinks

Bathroom stuff

  • bath towels (3 is good)
  • bathrobe
  • washcloth
  • shower caddy (rubber kind, and make sure it drains)
  • designated shower flip flops
  • hairdryer
  • curling iron
  • flat iron
  • hairbrush/comb
  • little mirror


  • sunscreen
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • soap
  • shaving cream/gel
  • razor
  • face wash
  • lotion
  • mouthwash
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • tissue box
  • tweezers
  • hair products
  • deodorant
  • floss
  • q-tips
  • cotton balls
  • feminine hygiene products

Medical stuff

  • band-aids
  • antibacterial ointment
  • vitamins
  • Tylenol/Advil
  • Dayquil/Nyquil
  • cough drops
  • contact solution, etc


  • jeans
  • dress pants
  • dress shirts
  • button-down shirts
  • Suit/tie (required for dress level A for men)
  • blouses
  • skirts (jean, casual, dressy)
  • dresses
  • leggings
  • tights/stockings/nylons (required for dress levels A & B for ladies)
  • pajamas
  • sweatshirts
  • sweaters
  • socks
  • underwear
  • blazers
  • winter jacket
  • light jacket
  • rain jacket
  • cardigans
  • vests


  • belts
  • umbrella
  • scarves
  • purses
  • watch
  • hat
  • gloves/mittens
  • sunglasses/hater blockers


  • winter boots
  • leather boots
  • heels/dress shoes
  • flats
  • slippers
  • tennis shoes
  • slip-ons
  • boat shoes/casual dress shoes
  • shoes you can run in

Laundry stuff

  • laundry bag
  • laundry hamper (plastic is best)
  • laundry detergent/softener sheets
  • tide-to-go stick/stain remover
  • iron (must be automatic shut-off)


  • social security card
  • passport
  • insurance card
  • ID card/driver’s license
  • student ID card (will be issued to you when you arrive)
  • light bulbs
  • flashlight
  • earplugs
  • pepper spray
  • keychain
  • safe
  • sports equipment (if you plan on playing)
  • bug spray
  • closet organizers/drawers

Moving In

  • All school furniture must stay in your room unless you have specific permission from your Dean to move it elsewhere, and rooms must remain set up for their maximum occupancy.
  • Only use very small nails to hang things and do not use any nails or screws on the woodwork/trim.
  • Do not use adhesives to hang things on walls, doors or woodwork. You may use magnets on your door.
  • Posters of movie stars, secular bands, sports figures, etc. are not considered appropriate with GBSC lifestyle. All pictures and decorations must be in harmony with God’s Word.
  • Pictures of couples on display must be in harmony with GBSC policies.

Fire Safety

  • Halls must remain clear at all times.
  • You must exit the building when the fire alarm goes off. When it goes off, go out the nearest stairwell and make your way to the designated area for your dorm.
  • No extension cords or plug-ins with multiple outlets are allowed. Power strips with a built-in breaker are allowed. Power strips are designed for electronics only (not A/C’s refrigerators, irons, etc.).
  • Do not hang anything over your door (as this breaks the fire seal).
  • No open flames are allowed (this includes candles). Microwaves are the only cooking devices allowed in your room.
  • Irons must be automatic shut-off only.
  • Never leave food cooking unattended in a microwave or in the kitchen.

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Hi! I am Richard Miles.

We look forward to helping you develop your relationship with God and with others as we live life together on our historic campus.

Call me if you need anything.

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Hi! I am Richard Miles.

We look forward to helping you develop your relationship with God and with others as we live life together on our historic campus.

Call me if you need anything –  513-721-7944 x7114.