Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance can be a simple way for making a significant charitable gift, either during life or at death. There are several advantages to this gift:

  •  A gift of life insurance is fixed. The full amount of the gift goes to meet your charitable goals.
  • Life insurance is paid quickly; it is not tied up in probate.
  • Gifts of life insurance are not a matter of public record. The gift can be made in privacy if that is your desire.
  • Gifts of life insurance are not complicated; your insurance agent or company will provide the forms necessary to make us owner or beneficiary.
  • Gifts of a policy are tax deductible.

The following are some ways you can use a gift of life insurance to increase your support of GBSC:

  • Gift of an Unneeded Policy
  • Estate Planning – life insurance can make it possible to make a large gift now and insure funds for your heirs at your death
  • Beneficiary Designation – you can keep ownership rights in a policy but designate GBSC as beneficiary
  • Purchase of new policy – you can purchase a policy on your life, naming GBSC as the owner and beneficiary. Single or annual premiums would then be tax deductible.

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