Stock Gifts

Donating stock and mutual funds is a great way to make a significant contribution while avoiding the capital gains tax.

Donating this way offers two tax savings benefits.

1. You can take a charitable deduction for the full current value of the securities.

2. You avoid paying the capital gains tax that would be due if the securities were sold.

It is imperative that you notify GBSC of your gift prior to transferring the gift.

Contact the Advancement Office at (513) 721-7944 or

The following account information is necessary to transfer stocks or securities by DTC to God’s Bible School & College.

Fifth Third Bank
DTC #2116
Account #:  010003358702
God’s Bible School and College CGA

God’s Bible School & College
Advancement Office
1810 Young Street
Cincinnati, OH  45202

GBSC Tax ID#:  31-0544271


Marc Sankey
Vice President for Constituent Relations
(513) 721-7944 ext.1232

One Time Gifts

Make an impact and give a one time gift today.

Monthly Gifts

Give each month and become an 1810 Sustaining Donor today.

Legacy Gifts

Contact us to plan your gift and leave your legacy.


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