God Requires Real Holiness

by | Nov 1, 2006

The holiness which God requires is real and not imaginary. It does not consist in a belief that because Christ is holy and because we believe in Him, God will consider us holy, even though we are most unholy. This delusive but damning doctrine is quite popular. Sin is no fiction. It will be punished in everyone in whom it is found.

Holiness is not an imaginary, but an actual, attribute of God’s children. How clearly is this expressed by the Apostle: “And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure” (I John 3:3). Every man—this takes in everyone who professes to have a hope in Christ, no matter what may be his creed or church! If the hope is well founded, it results in personal purity. Reader, have you this hope?

Entire Sanctification is by Faith

At Denver, Colorado, while waiting for the train, we conversed with a young man who had been to Fountain to attend the conference. We knew that he had been seeking the blessing of entire sanctification. So we inquired:

“What blessing did you receive?”

“I hardly know,” he replied. “I was very much blessed.”

“Were you clearly justified when you went forward?”


“What did you ask for?”

“For the blessing of entire sanctification.”

“You received something?”

“Yes, a great blessing. But I am afraid to say it is the blessing of entire sanctification lest I be deceived.”

“If you asked your grocer for sugar and paid him the price of it, you have no hesitation in saying you had it, though you did not see it put up. Christ says, ‘Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.’ Believe that you receive them.

Not something—not an imitation, but the precise things for which you ask. When, then, being clearly justified, we pray for entire sanctification and receive a great blessing, we should believe that we receive what we pray for. We dishonor God by doubting it. If we are indefinite in our profession, we shall soon be uncertain of our experience.”

“I see it,” he exclaimed. “I have the blessing of holiness. God does sanctify me wholly.” He praised the Lord in the depot and went on his way rejoicing.

Many doubt away the blessing that they receive in answer to prayer until they form such a habit of doubting that it seems next to impossible for them to hold on to what God does for them.

If you have lost the blessing

If you have lost the blessing of entire sanctification, there is just one way to regain it. That is, by repentance and confession and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You will never get it by any reformation of conduct. You may do just right now, and act as if you had never lost it, but you will not regain it in that way.

You must confess to the Lord your loss, and ask him to restore unto you the joy of His salvation. It is not enough to seek more power. That will do but little good. You must be willing to humble yourself before God and acknowledge that you have grieved His Holy Spirit. Any confession that He lets you see you should make to any person or in public, you should make. The Bible way to get up is to go down. “He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.”

Rev. Benjamin Titus Roberts (1823–1893) was a Methodist minister and founder of the Free Methodist Church. These selections from Pungent Truths, a collection of Roberts’ editorial writings, are edited by Larry D.Smith.