GBSC faculty members share short 15-minute trainings on relevant ministry topics.

HillTopics 2020 Schedule

  • Session 1
    Rodney Loper, PhD
    The 5 Levels of Leadership
  • Session 2
    Mark Cravens
    Developing the Art of Listening
  • Session 3
    Mark Bird
  • Session 4
    David Hartkopf
    Corporate Worship Leadership
  • Session 5
    Allan Brown, PhD
    Communicating the Word

Session 1: The 5 Levels of Leadership (Dr. Rodney Loper)

Session 4: Corporate Worship Leadership (Rev. David Hartkopf)

Session 2: Developing the Art of Listening (Rev. Mark Cravens)

Session 5: Communicating the Word (Dr. Allan Brown)

Session 3: Conversational Apologetics (Dr. Mark Bird)

HillTopics — Teaching To Transform (Dr. Kristin Bird)

HillTopics — Building Safe Relationships (Rev. Richard Miles)

HillTopics — Active Learning in Sunday School (Dr. Aaron Profitt)

HillTopics — How to Have Difficult Conversations (Sonja Vernon)