Church Multiplication Practicums
Course codes: PRTH 560-562

Church Multiplication Practicums I-III involve the study and application of biblical guidelines used by church planting movements world-wide for the multiplication of churches. Students receive ongoing formative feedback from course instructors as they engage in the requisite fieldwork.

Intended Outcomes

  • Knowledge of:
    • All the ministries that the New Testament requires of a church, and how to base them directly on Jesus’ specific commands.
    • The New Testament dynamics that sustain rapid church multiplication movements.
    • New Testament small church worship style, and the place of interactive dialog.
    • The different New Testament spiritual gifts that God gives to believers.
    • The importance and value of children’s active engagement in weekly worship.
    • How powerfully older children can lead and disciple younger children.
  • Appreciation for
    • The practical variety of spiritual gifts that God gives to His people to use during worship and during the week.
    • The enjoyment of having children worship together with adults, keeping families together.
    • The fact that a congregation’s smallness can assure its health and multiplication.
    • The benefits that come from small congregations working together as one regional body.
    • Tough leadership that perseveres in spite of setbacks and works around even the most serious of problems.
  • The ability to:
    • Train new leaders to use a biblical small church worship style.
    • Engage children actively in worship.
    • Integrate pastoral and mercy ministries, except when dealing with life-and-death incidents that demand immediate attention, such as the Good Samaritan faced when he dealt with an injured Jew on the road to Jericho.
    • Engage many new leaders in shepherding new, tiny congregations, using Train And Multiply®.
    • Enable church members to serve one another and neighbors by using their many different spiritual gifts in loving harmony.
    • Mentor leaders, who mentor newer leaders, and so forth, in 2 Tim. 2:2 chains.
    • Enable shepherds to practice these ministries that the New Testament requires.

Assignment Overview

  • Working through the course training material and applying it practically under the mentorship of an experienced church planter. Meetings with the mentor are weekly live, one-on-one video calls.
  • Practical application includes discipling home church members and training new leaders to plant new congregations.
  • Regular mentorship meetings will help assure that you fulfill the course objectives.


  • Church​ ​Multiplication​ ​Guide​ by George Patterson and Richard Scoggins.
  • Train​ ​and​ ​Multiply​ ​®​ ​(T&M)​ ​Student​ ​Activity​ ​Guide​ – access will be provided by professor.
  • Other materials will be distributed by the professor during the course as handouts.

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