Understanding Contemporary Islam
Course code: PRTH 571

This course explores the rise and influence of contemporary Islam, both in its moderate and fundamentalist sects, reviews Islamic history, and presents the theological tenets of Islam and the cultural features of the Islamic world. Avenues for Christian witness to Muslims will receive special attention.

Intended Outcomes

  • Knowledge of
    • An overview of Islamic History.
    • The life and character of Muhammad.
    • Basic facts about the Qur’an and Islamic theology.
    • The rise and influence of Islamic Fundamentalism.
    • Major points of friction between Muslims and Christians.
    • Missional approaches to witness and minister to Muslims.
  • Appreciation for
    • The importance of a Christian’s awareness of Islamic issues.
    • The distinction of doctrinal truth between Islam and Christianity.
    • The influential significance of the fundamentalist movement within Islam.
    • Ministry to Muslims.
  • Ability to
    • Intellectually analyze and discuss matters relative to Islam.
    • Instigate discussions with Muslims about Jesus, truth, and the Bible.
    • Sense cultural factors which would be sensitive to Muslims.
    • Distinguish theological differences between Muslims and Christians in a way that sheds spiritual light on the Gospel.

Assignment Overview

  • Students will read extensively in this course.
  • There are several unit tests.
  • Students will write responses at several points throughout the semester. Here are several examples of prompts:
    • In a 900 word paper, describe how you might engage a Muslim theologically.
    • Develop a sermon or teaching lesson that would inform members of a congregation about Muslim thought and culture.
    • Present a brief background of the Qur’an’s development. In the bulk of this assignment describe critical issues that Christians should be aware of with respect to the Qur’an’s assertions of truth, and a conclusion that refutes at least one point of the Qur’an’s infallibility.


Dr. Tim Boyd

Dr. Tim Boyd


To be announced.

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