Discipleship in the Home
Course code: PRTH 542

Discipleship in the Home examines the foundation of the Christian family and biblical principles for strengthening the home and making disciples for the Kingdom of God. Special attention is given to practical application of the class texts and discussions.

Intended Outcomes

  • Articulation of the importance of the family in the Kingdom of God and in contemporary culture.
  • Documentation of the importance of and methods for leading marriages to their appropriate discipling stature.
  • Practice of several methods for strengthening children in a family to carry out the Great Commission.

Assignment Overview

  • Regularly assigned textbook and article readings and provided out-of-class lectures.
  • Discussions on a prompt question provided by the professor.
  • Weekly video class meetings.
  • In concert with the professor, students will develop a customized final project. The following are just a couple of examples of possible projects:
    • Implement a discipling-focused activity in your family or with someone you can mentor. Persist for 6 weeks. Document the challenges encountered, benefits observed, adjustments you make across the course of the activity, and an analysis of the future value of the activity for your family.
    • Compile what the Bible says about discipline for children. Ask systematic theological questions of the texts you gather and survey how those texts have been interpreted through Church history. Finally, critique an online guide to discipline on the basis of your research.
    • Develop a series of five lessons for a teen men’s church group that teaches God’s plan for the Christian family and purity with a scriptural, positive approach.


Dr. Matt Friedeman


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