Miracles, Resurrection and the Afterlife

Course code: PRTH 573

This course addresses philosophical objections to the possibility of miracles, elaborates on the logic of and evidence for the resurrection of Christ (the greatest miracle of all), and evaluates claims of near death experiences, purporting to give glimpses into life after death. Other philosophical/theological issues discussed in the course include Heaven, Hell, and Free Will vs Determinism.

What will you gain from this course?

  • Knowledge of…
    • The purpose and four approaches of apologetics.
    • Significant philosophical objections to Christianity.
    • Classic and modern objections to miracles.
    • Objections to Christ’s resurrection.
    • Objections to heaven, hell, and the afterlife.
  • Ability to…
    • Respond to material determinism with a defense of free will.
    • Respond to objections to miracles.
    • Make a case for miracles in writing and in dialogue.
    • Refute objections to the resurrection and make a historical case for it.
    • Respond to objections regarding heaven, hell, and the afterlife and make a case for these realities.
    • Examine/evaluate near death experience (NDE) stories.
  • Appreciation for the theological ramifications of Christ’s resurrection.

Assignment Overview

  • Weekly homework includes live synchronous class video meetings, readings, prerecorded lectures, and discussion forums.
  • At various points throughout the term, students will dialogue with skeptics and keep a journal of those conversations.
  • Students will write one major paper evaluating NDE stories.


Dr. Mark Bird


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