New Testament Introduction
Course code: BITH 501

New Testament Introduction introduces the literature of the New Testament in its socio-historical, literary, and canonical contexts, methods of New Testament study, and critical issues in New Testament formation and interpretation. Attention will be given to analysis of critical views.

Intended Outcomes

  • Knowledge of
    • The key elements of the background, authorship, chronology, and other introduction issues for the books of the New Testament.
    • The content of each chapter in the New Testament.
    • Critical methods of New Testament study.
    • The socio-historical contexts of the New Testament writings.
  • Appreciation for
    • The role that issues of NT introduction play in our interpretation of Scripture.
    • The responsibility we have to accurately interpret God’s Word and conform our lives to it.
  • Gaining of confidence
    • In the authority and reliability of the New Testament.
  • Ability to
    • Engage the major questions of NT study and scholarship, including the nature of Scripture.
    • More accurately interpret and apply the New Testament in light of its socio-historical context.
    • Identify and critique unbelieving assumptions and conclusions in the study of the New Testament.

Assignment Overview

  • Video lectures (both pre-recorded and synchronous real-time interaction via Google Hangouts) will supplement the class textbooks.
  • Students will interact with the readings and video lectures in weekly assignments.
  • The final project for the class is a 2500-3000 word research paper on a New Testament critical issue. The paper will explain how a specific NT text (or multiple texts) is clarified by a proper understanding of the critical issue.


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