Maricka Herrer – GBSC’s first Masters graduate

Maricka Herrer - GBSC's first Masters graduate

On May 20th, 2017 GBSC hooded its first Masters graduate – Maricka Herrer. She received the Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies, summa cum laude.

The MA in Biblical Studies is a 36-hour degree that equips students with advanced exegetical skills and theological understanding so that they are prepared to teach on the high school, Bible institute, and undergraduate levels.

Regarding her Masters course work, Maricka had this to say,

Although the nature of our study was academic, it was never allowed to [be merely] theoretical, professors consistently showed the practical implications of what was being taught for life and ministry.


As a result, I am much better equipped not only to study Scripture but also to apply it [practically].


The Masters Program delivered what it promised.


I found it personally transformative.

In August 2017, she headed to the Philippines and began serving as a faculty member and junior administrator helping the Bible Methodist Shepherd’s College work toward accreditation.

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