Our Mission & Vision


The Ministerial Education Graduate Program exists, within the Division of Ministerial Education, to glorify God and serve His church by providing graduate-level education to deepen the Biblical training and enhance the ministry effectiveness of Christlike servant-leaders.


God’s word is the primary tool the Holy Spirit uses to transform His people into the likeness of Jesus. The better the minister knows it, the greater the transformation, not just in his life but also in the lives of those to whom he ministers. Our vision is to see God extend His kingdom through well-trained pastors equipping and empowering their people to make disciples who go on to make disciples. Lay people are the church’s face to the world. They are the key to the transformation of culture. As such, they must be equipped and empowered by God-called pastors and teachers who know how to “train faithful men who can train others also” (2 Tim. 2:2).

We also envision God calling men and women to be Bible teachers, college professors, inter-cultural educational consultants, curriculum developers, authors and editors of holiness literature. A stronger grasp on God’s word leads to better quality work in all of these areas. We want to send out a growing stream of entirely sanctified, humble servants to engage effectively in developing and implementing training resources for God’s Kingdom.

Therefore, we offer two 36-hour Master of Arts degrees: a MA in Ministry and a MA in Biblical Studies. The MA in Biblical Studies will include graduate-level original language exegesis classes. The MA in Ministry will focus on practical ministry skill development