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Grow in Grace: 2 Peter 3:18

  “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   To Him be glory now and forever.   Amen.” This passage is everywhere cited by those who deny the doctrine of the Higher Life in disproof of that doctrine.... When...

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Growing in Grace

  Peter wrote to those of pure minds and exhorted them against falling from their own steadfastness. Instead they should “Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3:18). Purity may come in a moment of radical cleansing....

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A Bouquet of Graces

  "Put off the old man with his deeds... and put on the new man." This means that the very image of Christ takes the place of the old man. "Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercy." The Apostle is here describing the Christian...

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Two Parts to Sanctification

There are two parts to sanctification: God’s part and our part. God’s part is purifying and energizing. Our part is consecration and faith. Down through history, believers who wrote, spoke, and testified to this deeper walk with God have variously placed greater...

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Consecration: The Human Side of Sanctification

Consecration is not sanctification; but it is the human side of sanctification. As the promise of sanctification is never given to sinners, so  the call to consecration is never given to sinners. The attitude of a sinner being that of rebellion, he can simply...

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A Deeper Death to Self

There is not only a death to sin, but, in a great many things, there is a deeper death to self after the soul has been sanctified. This deeper crucifixion is the unfolding and application of all the principles of self-renunciation which the soul agreed to in its full...

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Dangers to Holiness: Perfectionism and Legalism

One of the dangers for those of us who seek to live a life that is truly holy is perfectionism. That is, because we take seriously the Bible’s injunction to be perfect and without defect in our relationship with God, we begin to demand of ourselves perfect performance...

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The Gift of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a gift. We learn also that through the gift of the Spirit the love of God is poured into the hearts of believers. Or, as Hofmann put it: “The Holy Spirit, who is the effectual cause of holiness of life, was not in us by nature. But now, through Him,...

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Holiness and Our Human Problems

Holiness does indeed have a bearing on our human problems. But it does not automatically solve them all. Basically and essentially, it solves the greatest: the problem of inner sin—that “law of sin and death” that is “hostile to God” and “does not submit to God’s law,...

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Salvation in the Present

Salvation that has in it the glow of the living present depends...upon nothing so much as Christ Himself, crucified and risen, entering into us and we into Him. When one has experienced this kind of salvation he can never be content with less. Just as the Church must...

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