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Sanctification as Christian Perfection

When describing the work of entire sanctification, the words perfect or perfection are used in the sense of completing or making perfect the grace begun in regeneration. It does not mean that one is made infallible, or that he is placed beyond the possibility of...

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True and Sham Revivals

True revivals are born from above, sham revivals from below. True revivals proclaim the whole gospel. Sham revivals skip the terrors of the law, the doom of the damned, the depravity of the soul, assurance of conversion, and the claims of heart holiness, substituting...

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Disorders of the Heart

Some people who are truly inclined to Christianity and receive instructions in piety with pleasure often wonder why they do not make greater progress in that religion which they so much admire. Now the reason for this is because the Christian faith only lives in their...

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Eight Steps to Holiness and Happiness

“Though all desire, yet few attain happiness, because they seek it where it is not to be found,” writes Mr. Wesley in his explanatory notes on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1–11). Here, however, at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, our Lord Jesus “pronounces eight...

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Life, Purity, and Maturity

Life, purity, and maturity. These three stand forth in Bible teaching as distinct. A proper regard for these distinctions would have saved the church from much of her controversy on the subject of Christian holiness. Dr. William Nast emphasizes these— “the impartation...

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Holiness Preaching

It is time for rekindled enthusiasm for the work of holiness, not flagging confidence or substitute aims. Natural gifts are important; if a preacher has the ability to preach creatively, he should be grateful. But such ability spawns heresy unless it is matched by his...

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Somebody Changed the Sign

Have you observed the importance of signs? One can hardly go anywhere or do anything without being in some way dependent on signs. We use them to mark highways and identify streets. They are used to warn of dangers of various sorts. They show locations of all sorts of...

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Sanctification by the Spirit

Every act and every habit of holiness is by the Spirit. Though those who are Christ’s are said themselves to “have crucified the flesh with its passions and lusts,” this is in union with the mystery of the cross in the fellowship of Him “who died unto sin once,” which...

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Holiness and Evangelism

Holiness implies separation from the world, and yet it does not imply the canceling of our debt to the world. We are yet in the world, even though we are no longer of the world. Jesus describes His disciples as “the salt of the earth,” and salt is worthless if it is...

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