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The Fruit of the Spirit

  Who produces the fruit of the Spirit in a Christian—us or the Spirit? Does every Christian have every fruit of the Spirit? What about where “fruit” is singular versus plural? —CharityDear Charity,Let’s start with your last question first. Jesus tells us we know...

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God And Slavery In The Old Testament

  Why does God treat non-Israelite slaves differently than he treats Israelite slaves (Lev. 25:39-46)? —StephenDear Stephen,Here’s how I approach this challenging question.God owns all persons by virtue of creation (Exod. 19:5; Psa. 24:1).God owns all believers...

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What constitutes a “just” war?

  Is it ever right to make war? Can violence be moral? Doesn’t Jesus teach that all violence is contrary to His ethic? —A FriendDear Friend,God is not the creator of war. It exists because of greed and rebellion against God’s rightful reign (Gen. 14:2; cf. Psa....

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Judging Others

  James 4:11-12 forbids judging our brother, declaring that there is only one Lawgiver and Judge.   Merriam-Webster defines judgment as “the process of forming an opinion or evaluating by discerning and comparing.”   Is it possible to observe good or...

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Is “Easter” Really Pagan?

  I was wondering, where did Easter come from, and why do we call it Easter?   I did a little bit of online research, but I couldn’t get a clear answer.   Someone said that saying “Happy Easter” is actually wrong because Easter comes from pagan...

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Variances in Greek New Testament Manuscripts

  Your October 2015 article, “The Various Greek Texts,” mentioned four kinds of differences that exist in Greek manuscripts.   Can you please cite some specific examples of the differences in each category? —Keith Dear Keith, Following are samples in each...

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Time to Change the Lord’s Prayer?

  Pope Francis recently suggested we should not pray, “Lead us not into temptation”;   but rather, “Do not let us fall into temptation,” because God does not tempt us.   Is the Pope right? —Ken Dear Ken, James says, “Let no man say when he is tempted, I...

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Biblical Metaphors for Spiritual Growth

  We see a lot written in books, some contemporary and some old, concerning spiritual growth and development.   The terms can get confusing.   What terms does the Bible use for spiritual growth? —Ken Dear Ken, The Old Testament describes spiritual...

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Sexual Prohibitions

Why does God prohibit sex outside of marriage?   Is there any reason other than as Creator He gets to set the rules? —James Dear James, God has written sexuality into the world’s narrative for many reasons. Procreation, partnership, and pleasure are among the...

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