HPI Overview

There’s a lot to love about HPI!

Camp is is divided into three sections:

  1. General Courses
  2. Applied Skills
  3. Musical Explorations

Check out this detailed list of what to expect from each as a student camper!

General Courses

All students participate in…

Piano Ensemble

  • A highlight of camp! Every student will be matched by level and experience with other camp students to prepare an ensemble performance in the final concert.
  • Students learn collaboration and listening skills while making friends.
  • Each ensemble is coached by a faculty member and will be featured in a final concert for family and friends on Friday.

Music History and Literature

  • Students will explore composers, musical periods, keyboard literature and styles in this multimedia class.

Performance Forum

  • Students learn about various performance-related issues, including stage presence, etiquette, and listening skills.
  • Students may also perform for their peers, at the same time receiving feedback from a master teacher.


  • Students will learn more about how music is made, which includes identification of music elements, musical form and more, and how understanding these concepts will help the interpretation of music for performance.

Activities Showcase

  • Students spend this time exploring new facets of music through different formats including interactive demonstrations and games.

Applied Skills

Each camper chooses one Applied Skill on which to concentrate on during the week.

Applied Skills classes give the student a chance to apply his or her musical knowledge and understanding to the development of a specific skill that will in some particular way enhance the student’s pleasure and performance at the piano.

Solo Piano

  • Students enrolled in “solo piano” will receive an array of performance helps such as individual private lessons and coaching, master class performances, and practice tutorial sessions.
  • Level of playing may vary.
  • It would be helpful for you to come prepared with at least one selection ready to polish with your camp-assigned teacher to perform.
  • Each performer will perform a solo selection in the final Friday concert.

Hymn-playing, Improvisation, and Arranging (HIA)

  • The HIA class will explore skills required for a church pianist, which may include hymn-playing, accompanying congregational singing, soloists, groups, arranging for offertories and other special music, and functional skills, such as introductions, interludes, key changes.
  • The class will be offered in a lab setting and will have both group and individual focused teaching.
  • Students will have the opportunity to do some written arranging using Finale.

Musical Explorations

A Daily musical exploration for students!

(The classes below are a sampling of previous Camp scheduling and do not represent the 2022 Camp Musical Explorations offerings.)

Music Tools: Music Technology

  • Students will learn to use Music Technology tools Finale and Smart Music in a fun and creative atmosphere.

Pianists SING!

  • An exploration of fun choral music and ensemble.
  • Students work together to prepare a “singing” selection that will be performed in the Student Recital at the close of the week.

What is a Piano Technician? Intro to Tuning

  • Students will see the insides of a piano and experience how the mechanism works.
  • With the guidance of a technician, students will explore the difference between the insides of a harpsichord and a piano and be introduced to tuning the instrument.

Teaching with Orff

  • Orff Schulwerk is an approach to music teaching and learning, combined with and supported by movement, based upon fun and natural things to do (sing, chant rhymes, clap, move, and keep a beat or play a rhythm on anything near at hand).
  • Students will have chance to explore music through instruments, the body and movement.

Muse on Art

  • A class outside of music that will inspire students to create and generate ideas about the world around them.

Sample Schedule

An example of what a typical day at HPI could look like!

8:00 AM Breakfast – Dining Hall
9:00 AM Morning Assembly – MH 103
9:15 AM Music Theory – MH 202
10:15 AM Piano History – MH 103
11:15 AM Exploration Class: Using Music Technology – MH 107
12:15 PM Lunch – Dining Hall
1:30 PM Piano Ensemble – MH 201, 204, 207, 303, Chapel
2:30 PM Applied Skills Lessons and Classes/Open Practice Time/Tuning Pointers
3:30PM Applied Skills Lessons and Classes /Open Practice Time/Tuning Pointers
4:30 PM Free Time
5:30 PM Supper – Dining Hall
Evening Cincinnati View; snack following in Dining Hall; Dorm