Spring 2020 Grade Options Expansion

GBSC normally has an option for students to take a limited number of classes on an A-Pass-Fail basis. If students choose that option and earn an A, A- or F, then the grade is recorded on their transcripts. Any other grade, from B+ to D-, gets turned into a “P” for “pass” on the transcript. Grades of “Pass” do not affect GPA calculations.

Grades of “Pass” typically cannot be transferred, although the college that is accepting transfer credits makes this determination. Also, numerous “Pass” grades, instead of standard letter grades, may be viewed negatively by admissions offices and graduate programs. In other words, use of the A/Pass/Fail system should be limited.

Normally we allow A/Pass/Fail for no more than one course in a semester, along with other limits.

We recognize that this is not a normal semester. Because of that, for Spring 2020 classes students were already enrolled in before COVID-19 disrupted normal operations (before March 11), we’re expanding the possible use of the A/Pass/Fail option.

Here is what students need to know.

  1. Students can choose A/Pass/Fail for any or all Spring 2020 classes in which they were enrolled before March 11.
  2. Normally students would have to choose this before the withdrawal deadline. But in Spring 2020, students can make this choice after final grades are posted. This choice needs to be made by June 15 (or within 30 days after a grade is posted, whichever is later).
  3. To choose A/Pass/Fail grading, students can either:
    1. notify the Registrar by email or
    2. complete this online form (requires a GBS.edu account)

Given that these grades may not transfer and may negatively impact students’ admission opportunities in other academic programs, students are strongly encouraged to talk with an academic advisor before making this choice.

Update from the VP for Academic Affairs


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