The Patience of Job

by | Apr 30, 2019

“Though He slay me, I will hope in Him.” —Job 13:15a NASB

“She has the patience of Job!”

Have you ever compared a longsuffering friend to that biblical paragon of endurance? We picture Job sitting on an ash heap, scraping his sores and meekly listening to the torrents of judgment from the mouths of his comforters.

We imagine his quiet, gentle response. We are in awe of this wonderful man.

But there’s just one problem. That’s not the Job of the Bible.

Read Job closely and you will find a man who confronts the hypocrisy of his friends with biting sarcasm, cries out for death, curses the day of his birth, calls on God to give him an audience, feels misjudged and mistreated, shows intense humanity and imperfection.

But in the end, you also find a man who refuses to give up on God—even though he can’t see Him, feel Him, or find Him anywhere. He can’t understand why God has taken everything, why God has rewarded his righteousness with loss.

But still—and here is the key—he won’t walk away. In the middle of his bewilderment and frustration, Job proclaims through suffering lips, “Though He slay me, I will hope in Him.”

Patience isn’t always pretty. Sometimes patience means holding on when nothing else makes sense. But the fruit of a life in the Spirit is a will that endures when it is no longer logical to do so, a heart that refuses to give up on God or on His children, whatever the circumstances.

Patience does not live only in theory, but also in the brutal clashes of everyday life; and, in the end, it yields a harvest of blessing, a faith that becomes glorious sight!