Worship Sequence – Faithfulness to Christ; Fidelity to Truth

by | Jul 15, 2019


To understand why we create corporate worship sequences for the community read this article by David Hartkopf.

Worship Sequence


  • 437 F Trust and Obey
  • 455 F Take My Life, and Let It Be (F-4; Ebm-3; Ab-2)
  • 456 Db I’d Rather Have Jesus (Db-3; Db/C-1; Bbsus-2; Bb-2)
  • 457 Eb Lord, Be Glorified
  • 470 Eb All for Jesus (Eb-4; Eb7-4)
  • 463 Ab More Love to Thee

Welcome and Call to Worship: Our call to worship today is taken from Psalm 25:1, 4-5,

Invocation Prayer: Typically pastor or worship leader prays here. Musicians can begin playing the first hymn quietly in the background. [Optional Prayer: Faithful God, you called all creatures into being, and you care for each one. Send your grace upon your people gathered here, that we may follow in Your ways of truth, and walk in the paths of Your steadfast love, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Amen.]

  • 133 F I Love You, Lord (directly into)
  • 134 F My Jesus, I Love Thee – vs. 1, 2 only (F-6; Keep F in bass until Db downbeat – direct transition)
  • 442 Db Blessed Assurance (Db-2; Db/C-1; Bb-1.5 “An army bold whose battle cry is “Love!” Reaching out to those in darkness.”)
  • HG 353 Eb O Church Arise
  • Greeting (Continue previous; Eb-3; Ebm-3; Ab-2)
  • Prayer Song – 490 Db O to Be Like Thee – vs. 1, chorus, vs. 5, chorus

Prayer: This is the main pastoral prayer for the service. Musicians may continue playing the last song softly behind prayer for the continued worshipful atmosphere.



Download this worship sequence as a PDF.