Worship Sequence – Father’s Day

by | Jun 14, 2019


To understand why we create corporate worship sequences for the community read this article by David Hartkopf.

Worship Sequence


  • MCII  4 F He Is Exalted
  • MCII  32 F Worthy of Worship  (F-4; F7-2.5)
  • 33  Bb How Great Thou Art  (Bb-4; Bb7-3)
  • 105  Eb Day by Day
  • MCII  13 Bb  Be Exalted, O God


Call to Worship: may be read by pastor or another member of the congregation. This is a great place to involve children!

Invocation Prayer: Typically pastor or worship leader prays here. Musicians can begin playing first hymn quietly in the background.

  • MCII  14 Bb  Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty (big ritard; Bb-2; Bb7-1)
  • 75  Eb This Is My Father’s World  (Eb-3.5; into Intro)
  • F  He Knows My Name (directly into)
  • HG  80 F  How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
  • Greeting
  • Prayer Song – MCII  75 Eb Think About His Love

Prayer: This is the main pastoral prayer for the service. Musicians may continue playing the last song softly behind prayer for continued worshipful atmosphere.



Download this worship sequence as a PDF.