Worship Sequence – Justifying Grace, Testimony, Changed by Grace

by | Jul 11, 2019


To understand why we create corporate worship sequences for the community read this article by David Hartkopf.

Worship Sequence


  • 395 Bb Love Lifted Me (direct key change)
  • 348 Eb He Touched Me (Eb-3; Eb7-3)
  • 368 Ab The Longer I Serve Him (Ab-3; Dm-3; G-2)
  • 354 C All Because of God’s Amazing Grace (C-4; Asus-2; A-1)
  • Into chorus of D Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Welcome and Call to Worship: Our call to worship today is taken from Psalm 107:1-9.

Invocation Prayer: Typically pastor or worship leader prays here. Musicians can begin playing the first hymn quietly in the background. [Optional Prayer: Lord, we echo with the psalmist, and recognize how you have made a way for each of us. Indeed, we were all sinners. You have brought us out of darkness into a great light. You have broken our chains and given us freedom in Christ. We unify our hearts and give thanks to You, Jehovah God, for Your unfailing love. In Jesus Name, Amen.]

  • 352 G Victory in Jesus (directly into the chorus only of)
  • 84 G Grace Greater than Our Sin (G-6; Fm-3; Bb7-2)
  • 383 Eb Satisfied (into the chorus only of)
  • 382 Eb The Crystal Fountain
  • Greeting (Continue previous song)
  • Prayer Song – 355 Eb Something Beautiful

Prayer: This is the main pastoral prayer for the service. Musicians may continue playing the last song softly behind prayer for the continued worshipful atmosphere.



Download this worship sequence as a PDF.