Worship Sequence – Missionary Focus, Outreach

by | Aug 20, 2019


To understand why we create corporate worship sequences for the community read this article by David Hartkopf.

Worship Sequence


  • MCII 85 Ab Shine, Jesus, Shine
  • 699 Ab Song for the Nations (Ab-3; Ab7-2)
  • 456 Db I’d Rather Have Jesus (Db-4; Bb-2; Bb7-2)
  • 457 Eb Lord, Be Glorified
  • 711 Eb Your Love Compels Me

Welcome and Call to Worship: Our call to worship is taken from Psalm 67. [Consider using the chapter as a responsive reading.]

Invocation Prayer: Typically pastor or worship leader prays here. Musicians can begin playing the first hymn quietly in the background. [Optional Prayer: Wonderful God, You are so indiscriminate in your love, One Who loves people of all color and nationality and class. For your lavish, gracious care we give you thanks and praise. Come now and sow in our hearts the seed of your Word, and may it transform our  words and deeds, so that others might come to know your love, and give you praise. May we sing to You, bless Your name, and tell of Your salvation from day to day. In Jesus Name, Amen.]

  • MCII 33 F Hallelujah! Praise the Lamb (F-3; Am-3; D-2)
  • 694 G Jesus Saves! (G-4; G7-3; directly into the last phrase of the verse of HG 348: “The solemn pledge we owe Thee to go and make Thee known.”)
  • HG 348 C Facing a Task Unfinished
  • Greeting (Continue previous; C-4; Ebm-3; Ab-2)
  • Prayer Song – 704 Db Lord, Lay Some Soul upon My Heart

Prayer: This is the main pastoral prayer for the service. Musicians may continue playing the last song softly behind prayer for the continued worshipful atmosphere.



Download this worship sequence as a PDF.