Worship Sequence – Our God, Greater Than All gods

by | Oct 15, 2019


To understand why we create corporate worship sequences for the community read this article by David Hartkopf.

Worship Sequence


  • 122 Bb Majesty (written transition)
  • 123 F All Hail King Jesus (written transition)
  • 124 G All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name (G-4; G7-3)
  • 276 C Rejoice, the Lord Is King (C-4; Asus-2; A-2)
  • 272 D Crown Him with Many Crowns

Welcome and Call to Worship: Our call to worship is taken from Psalm 47:6-9.

Invocation Prayer: Typically pastor or worship leader prays here. Musicians can begin playing the first hymn quietly in the background. [Optional Prayer: O LORD, may Your Kingdom extend to the ends of the earth! May all people bow down before You and all the kings of the earth worship at Your feet. Let all the nations serve You. For You, O God, deliver the needy in distress. You pity the poor and the weak. You redeem our lives from the pit. How great is Your name in all of the earth. We collectively magnify and praise You and lift up the name of Jesus today. And all the people said, “Amen.”]

  • G How Great Is Our God (G-3; G/F-1; Eb-4; Ab-1) [*see note]
  • MCII 8 Ab I Sing Praises (Ab-4; Fsus-2; F-2; Bb-1)
  • 268 Bb Our God Reigns (Bb-2; Eb/Bb-2; Bb-1; into chorus of)
  • 33 Bb How Great Thou Art – chorus only (Bb-2; Bb7-2; into chorus of)
  • 119 Eb I Will Praise Him – chorus, vs. 3, ch
  • Greeting (continue previous)
  • Prayer Song – continue 119 Eb I Will Praise Him – vs. 4, ch, vs. 5, ch

Prayer: This is the main pastoral prayer for the service. Musicians may continue playing the last song softly behind prayer for the continued worshipful atmosphere.



Download this worship sequence as a PDF.