Strategic Plan

You can read about our current strategic plan, Shaping Our Future, below.


If you are interested in how we do strategic planning, you can read about that here.

“Shaping Our Future”

For the next two years (2021-2023), GBSC will focus on five items.


Institutional Growth

We recognize that we live in “interesting times,” a chaotic environment. To prepare for effective future ministry, we will continue to cultivate relationships broadly with likeminded organizations. We will also structure diverse fiscal sources to enable us to respond quickly to future conditions.

Constituent Engagement

We are not an isolated organization, but a ministry with a rich history, a broad constituency and a global vision. We recognize that lifelong learning matters now more than ever. We will serve our constituents in meaningful ways not only while they are students, but also as they live out our mission to glorify God and to serve the church, around the corner or around the world.

Sustainable Infrastructure

We are stewards of our history, and that includes our campus. We will systematically care for our facilities. We will also work to modernize our infrastructure for future effectiveness.

Organizational Strength

In addition to our facility resources, we also steward our organizational resources. We will learn new ways to serve our employees meaningfully. We will build on our strengths to prepare for continued holistic organizational health.

Academic Life

Our mission calls us to a focus on education. We will enhance our existing educational offerings to maintain and increase quality. We will also follow our timeless mission by developing new learning opportunities that meet present constituent needs and that enable students to serve the 21st-century Church.

Historical Strategic Plans



Build Bridges beyond Ourselves

We will strengthen existing relationships and seek to form new partnerships with constituents, other ministries, other educational organizations. We will offer our resources to meet needs in building God’s Kingdom around the world.

Build Capacity and Quality

We will seek increased quality in our operations and simultaneously develop new capacity to enable future growth. We will have increased positive impact on employees and students.

Build Enrollments and Graduates

We will work to build enrollments in all areas (ACA, on campus, online undergraduate, graduate). We will simultaneously work to increase persistence and completion rates.