Strategic Plan

December 2018 Progress Report (PDF)

Strategic Plan Draft: “Onward”

For the next two years (2018-2020), GBSC will focus on three goals.

  1. Build Bridges beyond Ourselves
  2. Build Capacity and Quality
  3. Build Enrollments and Graduates

    Build Bridges beyond Ourselves

    We will strengthen existing relationships and seek to form new partnerships with constituents, other ministries, other educational organizations. We will offer our resources to meet needs in building God’s Kingdom around the world.

    Build Capacity and Quality

    We will seek increased quality in our operations and simultaneously develop new capacity to enable future growth. We will have increased positive impact on employees and students.

    Build Enrollments and Graduates

    We will work to build enrollments in all areas (ACA, on campus, online undergraduate, graduate). We will simultaneously work to increase persistence and completion rates.


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