Financial Aid

We want you to enter into ministry with zero debt.  If you must take on debt we strive to make it as little as possible.

If you want to save money and have less debt after you graduate here’s how you should prioritize your aid:

  1. Grants and Scholarships
  2. Federal & Institutional work-study programs
  3. Subsidized loans
  4. Unsubsidized loans

Use our calculator to add up your financial aid and to see your estimated costs as well. Learn more about our passive financial aid acceptance policy.

Financial Aid Calendar

  • January 1st – First day you are allowed to submit a FAFSA.
  • April 30th – FAFSA and institutional aid application due for institutional aid.
  • July 1st –  FAFSA and Student Work Program application due for student employment.
  • August 21st –  Registration day; your federal, state, and all other aid should appear on your financial aid award letter and show as a credit on your registration contract.

Federal Government & State Aid

To determine federal and state eligibility, a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be completed and submitted by April 30th. This may be done online at

How to afford college


Grants – do NOT need repaid
Scholarships – do NOT need repaid
Loans – DO need repaid

  • Subsidized loans – begins accruing interest after leaving college
  • Unsubsidized loans – begins accruing interest immediately
Our FAFSA ID # is


1) Grants

Federal Pell Grant

These are only awarded to undergraduate students who:

  • are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens with a valid SSN;
  • have a high school diploma, GED, or have completed a home-school program with a state that recognizes home-schooling;
  • are enrolled in an eligible program as a regular student seeking a degree;
  • and who show financial need.

Ohio College Opportunity Grant

Student must be:

  • an Ohio resident,
  • enrolled in an undergraduate degree program,
  • Pell eligible based on EFC.

Proceeds can be used for students enrolled full-time, 3/4-time, or half-time.

Taxes and Your 1098-T

Have a 1098-T but  not sure what to do with it? Get your questions answered here.

2) Loans

Stafford Loans

These loans can be either subsidized or unsubsidized, something determined by FAFSA results (EFC). You must be taking at least 6 credit hours towards a degree program to be eligible for a Stafford load.

These loans are borrower initiated; you can start the process by submitting the FAFSA and completing a Master Promissory Note at

Plus Loans

Plus loans are available to parents of students enrolled for at least 6 credit hours. Approval for the Plus loan is dependent upon good credit. An application can be completed at

3) Other Outside Aid

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study allows students to earn money toward their school bill by working either 7.5 or 15 hours per week at minimum wage. The student will be given the choice to receive funds in the form of a check or have them applied directly to their student account.

Students may participate in the Student Work Program. To participate the student must do the following by July 1st:

  1. apply for a position on campus and
  2. complete the FAFSA

For more information about student employment, please contact Human Resources at

Outside Scholarships

These scholarships, from non-governmental sources outside GBSC, help many students pay for college.

4) Institutional Aid

To be considered for our institutional aid programs, you must complete a FAFSA online along with the necessary application / verification for the institutional aid program.

Alumni Scholarship

Children (and other dependents) of alumni may be eligible up to $250 per semester for up to eight semesters. Eligibility requirements are listed in the application.

Endowed Scholarships

Students may apply for the numerous privately funded scholarships that are available. These scholarships are awarded according to the specific criteria for each scholarship, the student’s merit and / or need. Awards range from $50 to as high as $5,500. The application deadline is April 30th.

International Student Scholarships

This scholarship is for international students who have graduated from high school and show proof of financial need. This is a tuition-only scholarship for up to 8 consecutive semesters. Contact the International Admissions Director, Kent Stetler for more information.

Student Employment

The institutional work-study program allows students to earn money toward their school bill. Students may apply for a position on campus by completing the FAFSA, a work-study application and submitting a resume by July 1st.

For more information about student employment, please contact Human Resources at

Valedictorian/Salutatorian Scholarship

Students who graduate from high school with valedictorian or salutatorian honors and receive high overall scores on the SAT or ACT plus Writing may be eligible for a scholarship. Home school students may also be eligible based on SAT / ACT plus Writing scores.


Up to $750 for up to 8 semesters; SAT: 1190, ACT plus Writing: 24; must maintain 3.5 GPA



Up to $375 for up to 8 semesters; SAT 1090, ACT plus Writing: 21; must maintain 3.25 GPA

Music Major Scholarship

Incoming freshmen enrolling in a bachelor’s music degree program are eligible to apply for this four-year merit scholarship. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. For more information, contact

Christian Worker Discount

Students whose parents are involved in full-time Christian service may be eligible for a discount on tuition. Their ministry occupation must be their primary source of income. This is a 20% tuition-only discount that is applied after other financial aid is awarded.

Hello – I’m Greg Hinton.

Wondering if you will be able to afford college?

You have options.

Shoot me an email or call me.

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Hello – I’m Greg Hinton.

Wondering if you will be able to afford college?

You have options so call me at 513-721-7944 x1161.