Homecoming 2021

The highlight of Homecoming each year is enjoying fellowship with GBSC friends and family.

This year hear from alumni guests George and Ruth Vernon, listen to GBSC music groups from the 1970s, watch an interview of former Deans Ruth Vernon and Sonja Vernon, and cheer on Stars vs. Stiffs in the Afterglow service!

25 & 50-Year Graduates

Because we wanted to celebrate our 25 and 50-year graduates in person, we’re honoring 25 and 50-year graduates for both 2020 and 2021 this Homecoming:

  • 50-year classes honored: 1970 & 1971
  • 25-year classes honored: 1995 & 1996

Homecoming Theme 2021

We’re excited to celebrate the “Decade of the 1970s!”

Plan now to attend and enjoy a 70s focused weekend in addition to fellowship, good food, special music, campus updates, a very special Alumni of the Year award, and more!


On campus guest rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For questions and to reserve a room, call Kara Watters at 513-721-7944.

Homecoming 2021 Brochure

View and download this year’s Homecoming program.

Welcome From George Vernon

Days Till Homecoming









Friday, October 8th
4:30 pm – Registration
5:00 pm – Supper Buffet
6:30 pm – Pre-Service Concert
7:00 pm – Main Service
8:30 pm – Ice Cream Social
9:15 pm – Afterglow

Saturday, October 9th
8:00-9:30 am – Breakfast Buffet
8:00-9:30 am – 25/50 Year Class Reunion Breakfast
10:00-11:00 am – 1970s Connection Time
11:00-11:30 pm – Campus Tour
11:00-2:30 pm – 1810 Street Festival
1:00-1:30 pm – Cincinnati Bus Tour


Watch the live-stream on YouTube Live or on our Facebook page.

Homecoming Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for helping make Homecoming 2021 possible.

Check out their websites to see what they’re all about.



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