Campus Tuition & Credit Hour Costs

The average annual sticker price for room, board, fees and tuition is $13,000. Most students don’t pay the sticker price because of grants, loans and scholarships.

You can get a more accurate price using our tuition calculator.


  • Tuition–$250 per credit hour
  • Audit–$125 per credit hour
  • Dual-credit–$125 per credit hour
  • Personal enrichment–$125 per credit hour


  • Semester fee – $150
  • Online service – $10 per credit hour
  • Library – $5 per credit hour
  • General service – $523

Paying for college

Payment options

  • Full pay: Pay your semester balance in full and receive a 2% discount.
  • Payment plan: Your remaining balance, after aid, is automatically broken into equal monthly payments – with no finance charges.

For more payment details see the catalog.

The federal net price calculator is also available – as is the cost of attendance  – but our calculator is much easier to use and the numbers are more accurate.

Taxes and Your 1098-T

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