Upcoming Graduate Classes

Fall 2023

New Testament Introduction

Dr. Stephen Smith

New Testament Introduction introduces the New Testament’s literature, methods of New Testament study, and critical issues in formation and interpretation.

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BITH 501 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Greek Exegesis: Galatians

Dr. James Sedlacek

Translation and exegesis of Galatians using a prescribed step-by-step process. Emphasis is placed on the dynamic of translation in the interpretive process as well as the relation of syntactical structures to the text’s meaning.

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GREK 604 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

The American Holiness Movement and its Methodist Origins

Dr. William Snider

A study of the growth and development of American Holiness Movement and the origins of the doctrine of Christian perfection in Methodism. Focused attention is given to the thought of John Wesley and the American modifications thereof, as well as the subsequent emergence of the National Holiness Association and its constituency proceeding to the Inter Church Holiness Convention and its supporting ideas and component organizations.

HITH 545 || Historical Theology

Preaching the Synoptic Gospels

Dr. Stephen Oliver

Preaching the Synoptic Gospels is an exploration of the structural and literary devices by which Matthew, Mark and Luke each highlight and enrich their unique portraits of Jesus. Emphasis will be placed on practical application of exegetical insights to expository preaching.

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PRTH 513 || Practical Theology, Worship

Integration of Christian Faith and Counseling Theory

Dr. Andrew Graham

An investigation of the various perspectives on the integration of Christian faith and counseling theory.

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PRTH 530 || Practical Theology, Christian Counseling

Conflict Management and Resolution

Dr. John Whitaker

Conflict Management & Resolution explores the basic theories and concepts of conflict resolution: its philosophical and historical development, paradigms, structure and function, and issues and trends in the field. It will examine ways to implement conflict management and resolution from a Biblical perspective into the students personal life, workplace, and ministry settings. Students will investigate the theoretical and practical aspects of conflict assessment, negotiation, problem solving, mediation, and arbitration.

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PRTH 552 || Practical Theology, Leadership

History and Methods of Apologetics

Dr. Mark Bird

This course surveys the ways that the true God and Christianity were defended throughout the centuries, highlighting various approaches, especially those that are still debated today; particularly evidential, classical, presuppositional, and experiential, looking at their legitimacy and effectiveness.

PRTH 575 || Practical Theology, Apologetics

Interpreting and Teaching Proverbs

Dr. Philip Brown

A study of the message of the Proverbs within its historical, cultural, and literary contexts. This class will use an English translation of Proverbs.

PRTH 583 || Practical Theology, Bible Teaching

Interpreting and Teaching the Gospel of John

Dr. Stephen Smith

A study of the message of the Gospel of John within its historical, cultural, and literary contexts. This class will use an English translation of John.

PRTH 584 || Practical Theology, Bible Teaching


Dr. David Fry

Ecclesiology is a systematic study of the doctrine of the Church grounded in the Trinitarian nature and life of God. Ecclesiology fits within the larger doctrinal theme of the Kingdom of God and observes specifically how God’s mission is being fulfilled through His saving reign in the Church.

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SYTH 520 || Systematic Theology

Graduate Program Calendar

    Spring 2023 Dates

    • April 2nd--8th: Spring break
    • May 6th: Spring classes end
    • May 20th: Commencement

    Summer 2023 Dates

    • May 29th: Summer term begins
    • June 1st: Program and scholarship application deadline for Fall 2023
    • July 2nd: 8th - Summer break
    • July 29th: Summer term ends

    Fall 2023 Dates

    • August 14th: Fall classes convene
    • October 22-28th: Break (Aldersgate Form)
    • November 19th-25: Thanksgiving Break
    • December 1st: Program and scholarship application deadline for Spring 2024
    • December 16th: Fall classes end


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