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Summer 2020

Biblical Theology and Exegesis

Practical Theology

Fall 2020

Biblical Theology and Exegesis

Practical Theology

Systematic Theology

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Graduate Program Calendar

  • Jan. 13: Spring 2020 semester begins
  • Mar. 16-22: Late winter break
  • Apr. 1: Application deadline for Summer 2020
  • Apr. 20-26: Spring Break
  • May 9: Spring 2020 semester end
  • June 1: Summer semester begins; Application deadline for Fall 2020
  • June 29-July 5: Summer break
  • Aug. 1: Summer semester end
  • Aug. 17: Fall semester start
  • Oct. 26-Nov. 1: Fall break
    • Nov. 16-22: Optional break over ETS
  • Nov. 1: Application deadline for Spring 2021
  • Nov. 23-29: Thanksgiving break 
  • Dec. 12: Fall semester end
    • Dec. 19: Semester end if ETS-break is taken

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