Upcoming Graduate Classes

Fall 2022

Biblical Languages and Technology

 Dr. Stephen Smith & Dr. Philip Brown

Biblical Languages and Technology is an introduction to how language works, including Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek, as well as to the use of technology in the study of Biblical texts.

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BITH 500 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Old Testament Introduction

Dr. Philip Brown

Old Testament Introduction introduces the literature of the Old Testament in its socio-historical, literary, and canonical contexts, methods of Old Testament study, and critical issues of Old Testament formation and interpretation.

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BITH 502 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Biblical Hermeneutics

Dr. Stephen Smith

Biblical Hermeneutics examines the principles and practice of biblical interpretation as well as the primary tools of biblical research.

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BITH 580 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Hebrew Exegesis I

Dr. Philip Brown

Hebrew Exegesis I introduces the Hebrew syntax and leads students in exegetical analysis of specified passages from the Hebrew Bible.

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HBRW 600 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Preaching the Doctrine of Holiness

Dr. Allan Brown

This class focuses on developing the student’s ability to analyze, exegete and articulate this doctrine in sermonic form. It also emphasizes the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the preacher and the entire process of preparing the sermon.

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PRTH 510 || Practical Theology, Worship

Integration of Christian Faith and Counseling Theory

Dr. Andrew Graham

An investigation of the various perspectives on the integration of Christian faith and counseling theory.

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PRTH 530 || Practical Theology, Christian Counseling

Helping Skills for Christian Counseling

Dr. Andrew Graham

An overview of effective helping strategies used to provide ethical care and Christian counseling to those in distress. Students will have the opportunity to develop theologically-sound skills that can be used in a variety of ministry contexts.

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PRTH 531 || Practical Theology, Christian Counseling

Discipleship in the Home

Dr. Matt Friedeman

Discipleship in the Home examines the foundation of the Christian family and biblical principles for strengthening the home and making disciples for the Kingdom of God. Special attention is given to practical application of the class texts and discussions.

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PRTH 542 || Practical Theology, Discipleship

Understanding Contemporary Islam

Dr. Tim Boyd

This course explores the rise and influence of contemporary Islam, reviews Islamic history, and presents the tenets of Islam and its cultural features.

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PRTH 571 || Practical Theology, Apologetics

Principles of Teaching and Course Design

Dr. Mark Bird

Principles of Teaching and Course Design reviews biblical perspectives on teaching and learning, surveys principles of adult education, and explores best practices of course design and development, especially in the context of a Bible college and Bible/theology teaching. Students will learn how to design lessons and courses that go beyond communicating content to facilitating learning. Students will apply those skills to creating a course that they may someday teach.

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PRTH 580 || Practical Ministry

Wesleyan-Arminian Theology

Dr. David Fry

Wesleyan-Arminian Theology is a systematic study of theological themes in the tradition of Jacob Arminius and Reformed theology and that tradition’s appropriation and development in the Wesleyan tradition.

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SYTH 510 || Systematic Theology, Historical Theology

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    • Dec. 10: Classes end


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