Upcoming Graduate Classes

Summer 2023

Biblical Languages and Technology

 Dr. Stephen Smith & Dr. Philip Brown

Biblical Languages and Technology is an introduction to how language works, including Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek, as well as to the use of technology in the study of Biblical texts.

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BITH 500 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Counseling for Behavioral and Emotional Distress

Dr. Andrew Graham

This course provides an overview of evidence-based, theologically-sound relationship counseling strategies for working with couples, families and groups.

Prerequisites: PRTH530 and PRTH531

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PRTH 533 || Practical Theology, Christian Counseling

Interpreting and Teaching Revelation

Dr. Stephen Smith

A study of the message of the Book of Revelation within its historical, cultural, and literary contexts. This class will use an English translation of Revelation.

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PRTH 581 || Practical Theology, Bible Teaching

Graduate Program Calendar

    Spring 2023 Dates

    • January 9th: Spring classes convene
    • February 19th--25th: Late Winter Break
    • April 1st:
      • Program and scholarship application deadline for Summer 2023
      • Last day to withdraw from Spring 2023 classes
    • April 2nd--8th: Spring break
    • May 6th: Spring classes end
    • May 20th: Commencement

    Summer 2023 Dates

    • May 29th: Summer term begins
    • June 1st: Program and scholarship application deadline for Fall 2023
    • July 2nd: 8th - Summer break
    • July 29th: Summer term ends

    Fall 2023 Dates

    • August 14th: Fall classes convene
    • October 22-28th: Break (Aldersgate Form)
    • November 19th-25: Thanksgiving Break
    • December 1st: Program and scholarship application deadline for Spring 2024
    • December 16th: Fall classes end


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