Upcoming Graduate Classes

Spring 2022

New Testament Theology

Dr. Stephen Smith

An investigation of the New Testament writings in order to understand their theological message. This study of the New Testament’s theology recognizes both its diversity of expression and its fundamental conceptual unity.

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BITH 611 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Biblical Theology of Holiness

Dr. Philip Brown

Using biblical-theological methods, students in this course will study Old and New Testament teachings on holiness, God’s ethical expectations, humanity’s problem, and God’s solution.

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BITH 612 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Greek Exegesis: Romans

Dr. Steven Oliver

Greek Exegesis: Romans consists of translation of and exegetical analysis in Greek of the epistle to the Romans, with special attention to how syntactical structures contribute to semantic analysis.

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GREK 603 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Christ-Centered Expository Preaching

Dr. R. G. Hutchison

Christ-Centered Expository Preaching combines exegesis with the gospel-based evangelical thrust of Christ-centered preaching.

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PRTH 512 || Practical Theology, Homiletics

Integration of Christian Faith and Counseling Theory

Dr. Andrew Graham

An investigation of the various perspectives on the integration of Christian faith and counseling theory.

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PRTH 530 || Practical Theology, Christian Counseling

Discipleship in the Home

Dr. Matt Friedeman

Discipleship in the Home examines the foundation of the Christian family and biblical principles for strengthening the home and making disciples for the Kingdom of God. Special attention is given to practical application of the class texts and discussions.

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PRTH 542 || Practical Theology, Discipleship

Creation, Science and the Problem of Pain

Dr. Thane Ury

Creation, Science, and the Problem of Pain analyzes how various approaches to origins, hermeneutics, science, and authority impact our understanding of the problem of evil.

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PRTH 572 || Practical Theology, Apologetics

Advanced Systematic Theology

Dr. Mark Bird

An investigation of the themes that comprise Christian systematic theology. We will focus on theology as a discipline, with application to life and service.

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SYTH 500 || Systematic Theology

Graduate Program Calendar

Spring 2022 Dates

  • Jan. 10: Spring classes convene
  • Mar. 22-28: Late winter break
  • Apr. 1: Program and scholarship application deadline for Summer 2022
  • Apr. 1: Last day to withdraw from Spring 2021 classes.
  • Apr. 17-23: Spring break
  • May 14: Graduate spring term end

Summer 2022 Dates

  • May 23: Summer classes convene
  • July 30: Summer classes end

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