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Spring 2023

Old Testament Theology

Dr. Allan Brown

Old Testament Theology introduces you to the nature and significance of Old Testament Theology as a sub-discipline of Biblical Theology, identifying the methodological issues, limitations, and proper objectives of the discipline. Special focus is given to the concept of covenant/promise and to the theological concepts that are specific to the Pentateuch, the Prophets, and the Writings. The relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament will be discussed, as well as methods for knowing Jesus through the Old Testament.

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BITH 610 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Biblical Theology of Holiness

Dr. Philip Brown

Using biblical-theological methods, students in this course will study Old and New Testament teachings on holiness, God’s ethical expectations, humanity’s problem, and God’s solution.

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BITH 612 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Greek Exegesis: Galatians

Dr. James Sedlacek

Translation and exegesis of Galatians using a prescribed step-by-step process. Emphasis is placed on the dynamic of translation in the interpretive process as well as the relation of syntactical structures to the text’s meaning.

GREK 604 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Historical Theology of Church and State

Dr. David Fry

This course examines the relationship of Christian holiness and civic life historically and theologically, beginning with three foundational statements from the New Testament: “Jesus Christ is Lord,” “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” and “submit to authorities.” The meanings of these statements have been tested at key points in history, and we will analyze how Christians acted out a discernible theo-politic during those times.

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HITH 623 || Historical Theology

Theology of Evangelism

Dr. Matt Friedeman

Theology of Evangelism examines the doctrine of mission and evangelistic outreach as found in both Old and New Testaments and the practical outcomes that ought to flow from this theology, both for the individual believer and for the local church.

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PRTH 503 || Practical Theology, Evangelism

Christ-Centered Expository Preaching

Dr. R. G. Hutchison

Christ-Centered Expository Preaching combines exegesis with the gospel-based evangelical thrust of Christ-centered preaching.

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PRTH 512 || Practical Theology, Homiletics

Biblical Theology of Christian Worship

Dr. Paul Peak

Biblical Theology of Christian Worship provides an overview of principles of Christian worship and examines the Bible’s concepts and practices of worship.

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PRTH 520 || Practical Theology, Worship

Helping Skills for Christian Counseling

Dr. Andrew Graham

An overview of effective helping strategies used to provide ethical care and Christian counseling to those in distress. Students will have the opportunity to develop theologically-sound skills that can be used in a variety of ministry contexts.

Prerequisite: PRTH530

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PRTH 531 || Practical Theology, Christian Counseling

Counseling for Relationship Distress

Dr. Andrew Graham

This course provides an overview of evidence-based, theologically-sound relationship counseling strategies for working with couples, families and groups.

Prerequisite: PRTH531

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PRTH 532 || Practical Theology, Christian Counseling

Facilitating and Assessing Spiritual Growth

Dr. Timothy Cooley

Introduces the content, literature, and methods associated with the discipline of spiritual formation. Special attention is given to personal, mentoring, and pastoral application of the materials.

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PRTH 541 || Practical Theology

Understanding Contemporary Islam

Dr. Tim Boyd

This course explores the rise and influence of contemporary Islam, reviews Islamic history, and presents the tenets of Islam and its cultural features.

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PRTH 571 || Practical Theology, Apologetics

Creation, Science and the Problem of Pain

Dr. Thane Ury

Creation, Science, and the Problem of Pain analyzes how various approaches to origins, hermeneutics, science, and authority impact our understanding of the problem of evil.

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PRTH 572 || Practical Theology, Apologetics

Interpreting and Teaching Revelation

Dr. Stephen Smith

A study of the message of the Book of Revelation within its historical, cultural, and literary contexts. This class will use an English translation of Revelation.

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PRTH 581 || Practical Theology, Bible Teaching

Advanced Systematic Theology

Dr. Mark Bird

An investigation of the themes that comprise Christian systematic theology. We will focus on theology as a discipline, with application to life and service.

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SYTH 500 || Systematic Theology

Graduate Program Calendar

    Fall 2022 Dates

    • Aug. 1: Fall Registration Closes
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    • Oct. 24--28: Fall Break (Aldersgate)
    • Dec. 10: Classes end

    Spring 2023 Dates

    • January 9th: Spring classes Convene
    • February 19th--25th: Late Winter Break
    • April 1st:
      • Program and scholarship application deadline for Summer 2023
      • Last day to withdraw from Spring 2023 classes
    • April 2nd--8th: Spring Break
    • May 6th: Spring classes end
    • May 20th: Commencement


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