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Join us in the Adcock chapel for Christmas program 2017!

  • Friday, December 8th – 7:30PM
  • Saturday, December 9th – 3:30PM
  • Sunday, December 10th – 6:00PM


Derived from a parable by Soren Kierkegaard, Condescension, written by Ben Durr, Jr., depicts Baruch as a son of privilege, a Hellenistic Jew commissioned by Caesar Augustus to coordinate the taxation registration throughout Palestine.

To assist him with this assignment in the Jerusalem/Bethlehem region, Baruch enlists Ezra, an arrogant, dishonest Jewish official and businessman who also sells sheep for Temple sacrifices.

Baruch’s association with Ezra brings him into contact with simple, unrefined shepherds, one of whom is a brother to Tamara, a lovely, God-fearing peasant girl.

Smitten by her beauty and grace, but separated by the vast social and cultural barrier between them, Baruch devises a ruse to “become a shepherd” and win her acceptance and affection.


Each family may request up to five free tickets online or by mail (see below), for one night only.

For 6 or more tickets the cost is $5 per ticket. For large groups (6+), please send payment by mail to the following address:

Christmas Program Ticket Request
God’s Bible School and College
1810 Young St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Along with your payment please include the:

  • name of purchaser
  • date you prefer
  • number of tickets needed

Phone and email orders will not be accepted.

If you do not plan to use your tickets please contact the ticket coordinator at (513) 721-7944.

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