Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life is an important component for every member of our community. Everyone must make it a priority to foster and nurture their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

There are also many corporate worship events on campus that include the whole campus: chapels, revivals and other special events that nurture our spiritual lives.

Smaller groups are also beneficial. These small groups include D-Groups and student-led Bible studies and prayer meetings are usually organized every year by students.



Chapel is a vibrant component of spiritual life on campus. It is a special time deliberately set apart from classes to refresh, renew, and revitalize the spiritual lives of our campus family. Speakers include leaders and pastors as well as our faculty.

Chapel meets each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 11:00-11:50.


D-Groups (Discipleship Groups) are small groups of 8-12 students that meet in faculty and staff homes for food, fellowship and discipleship.

The meetings take place every other Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:00.

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Prayer Meetings

Prayer meetings are required in-house events that take place once every two weeks on Wednesday nights (alternating with D-Groups). These events often feature faculty and staff speakers as well as student speakers and are required for all residential students.


Local Congregations

Students are expected to join a local congregation twice on Sundays to engage in worship. This church will be their “home” church while at GBSC; this church must also be in harmony with the church they attended previous to college, as well as the core doctrinal beliefs of GBSC.

Prayer Rooms

While all of these official times of fellowship and ministry are very important, we also emphasizes the importance of spending personal time with God. As such, prayer rooms located in the dorms are available for student use. These rooms are set aside as quiet places to go and spend time with our Lord.

Community Service

Ministry is an important aspect in the life of everyone who follows Christ. The Christian Service Department gives our students the opportunity to serve others and develop their ministry skills.

We understand the importance of reaching out to the community in which we are located with the goal of proclaiming Christ through our lives and acts of service. For this purpose, students are required to give at least 2 hours each semester to Community service. These two hours are not to be considered in addition to Christian service but are part of the 20 hours that a student gives to Christian service each semester.

Examples of community service are involvement in a community car wash, or community-wide trash pick-up day. It could involve raking the leaves of the elderly or fixing a car or appliance for a widow. Community Service cannot be earned on campus unless there is involvement in a community event that is held at GBSC.

Christian Service

Ministry is an important aspect in the life of everyone who follows Christ. The Christian Service Department gives our students the opportunity to serve others and develop their ministry skills.

The requirements for Christian service are planned as learning experiences which bring the student into vital relationships with people. With this in mind each student should enter into his Christian service assignment wholeheartedly and perform his tasks as unto the Lord. We will assist you by helping plan practical experiences in line with your vocational goals. You should be open for guidance and constructive criticism from cooperating pastors and advisors.

Contact Jessica Smith for more information.

Christian Service Opportunities

Local Church

Many opportunities are available to students in local churches. Each week students fill places of ministry in churches of various denominations. Many times a student wishes to fulfill his Christian service requirements in a church of his own denomination, and whenever possible this is arranged. Opportunities available in local churches include the following:

  1. Assistant pastor
  2. Minister of music
  3. Sunday School teacher
  4. Child evangelism director; Children’s worker
  5. Church musician
  6. Visitation team member

Inner City Ministries

  • Main Street Chapel – Main Street Chapel ministers in a variety of ways to the people who live in downtown Cincinnati. The chapel offers a Sunday morning service, Sunday afternoon Kid’s Klub, Sunday evening service (only for community people and those students specifically invited by the pastors), and a teen service on Tuesday and Thursday night called Teen Power. Main Street Chapel also facilitates a tutoring program called Teens of Power School (TOPS).
  • Laurel Homes Kid’s Club – Laurel Homes Kid’s Club ministers to the families who live in the area of Cincinnati known as Laurel Homes, which is a government housing project. Children who attend the Sunday afternoon Kid’s Club are the primary focus of the ministry.

Open Air Sketchboard Ministry

This ministry attracts the unsaved to the gospel by using an interesting sketch board presentation right on the streets. This method literally draws crowds. The Open Air Team Leader should schedule five presentations per semester. The student who participates in each of these presentations will receive half of the Christian Service credits needed for one semester.

Instrumental & Singing Groups

God’s Bible School and College has enjoyed an unusual blessing in the talents of its music department. Each year the Choir, Symphonic Wind and String Ensemble (SWSE), quartets and trios perform on campus as well as travel to many churches, camps, and conferences. Limited Christian service credit is granted for these tours.

Nursing Home Ministry

The nursing home team works with the chaplain at the Scarlet Oaks Retirement Community. Students assist by leading worship, singing specials, and helping residents to the service and back to their rooms.

Jail & Juvenile Ministry

For a number of years the School has been involved in ministering to those in the local correctional institutions. Many inmates have been saved and have taken part in Bible studies for the purpose of discipleship. Teams of young people go into the jails and hold services where singing, testimonies, passing out tracts, preaching and teaching often end with a time of prayer with those inmates who wish to seek spiritual help. The jail and juvenile ministry is limited to those who meet the qualifications and stipulations as set forth by the Hamilton County Justice Center, Transforming Jail Ministry, and the Supervisor of Prison Ministries. A semester of commitment is asked by Transforming Jail Ministry.

Prayer Station Ministry

GBS Prayer Station ministry utilizes a special Prayer Station booth that is set up every week the team goes out. Students wear special vests to identify themselves with the ministry. The booth is set up in public places, and students ask people who are passing by if they have anything for which they would like prayer. If a person answers positively, the student prays with that person. After prayer the person may be given church contact information or a tract. The purpose of this ministry is to let people know that God loves them and wants them to come to Him.

Wesley Chapel Mission Center

A non-profit organization that runs an after school program, providing a safe and educational environment for inner city kids after school hours.

Hi! I am Richard Miles.

We look forward to helping you develop your relationship with God and with others as we live life together on our historic campus.

Call me if you need anything. 513-721-7944 x7114

Hi! I am Richard Miles.

We look forward to helping you develop your relationship with God and with others as we live life together on our historic campus.

Call me if you need anything -  513-721-7944 x7114.


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