Financial Aid for Masters Students

We want you to enter into ministry will zero debt.  If you must take on debt, we strive to make it as little as possible.

If you want to save money and have less debt after you graduate, here is how you should prioritize your aid:

  1. Institutional Scholarships
  2. Pell Grant (3 + 2 students only)
  3. Unsubsidized Loans

Use our calculator to add up your financial aid and to see your estimated costs as well.

Financial Aid Calendar

  • January 1st – First day you are allowed to submit a FAFSA.
  • April 30th – FAFSA and institutional aid application due for institutional aid.

Federal Government & State Aid

In order to determine federal and state eligibility, a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be completed and submitted by April 30th. This may be done online at

1) Institutional Scholarship

To be considered for an institutional scholarship, you must complete a FAFSA online at, along with the necessary application / verification for the institutional aid program. See all the details in the Financial Aid section in the catalog.

2) Pell Grants

Students in the 3 + 2 program may be eligible for full Pell Grants for the first four years in the program. However, they will not be eligible for full Pell Grants for their final year, since they will not be full-time undergraduate students.

3) Unsubsidized Loans

You must initiate this type of a loan. You can start the process by submitting the FAFSA and completing a Master Promissory Note at See all the details in the Financial Aid section in the catalog.

How to afford college


Grants – do NOT need to be repaid
Scholarships – do NOT need to be repaid
Unsubsidized Loans – DO need to be repaid and begin accruing interest immediately

Our FAFSA ID # is


Contact Us

Contact the Office of Graduate Studies at, or call 513-763-6575.


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