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Meet our first MA graduate

Maricka Herrer was the first person to receive a Masters degree from GBSC.

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Why start a graduate program?

We believe

  • A deeper understanding of the Bible leads to more powerful preaching and meaningful worship. It also brings greater ministry and personal stability as well as reduces ministry drop-outs.
  • If a pastor grows spiritually, so will his parishioners.
  • Lay people need to be equipped to evangelize and disciple the lost.
  • To effectively respond to our culture’s objections to the Bible, we need advanced biblical training.


  • Submitted to the authority of God’s inerrant, infallible Word. The authority of Scripture is not a slogan we advertise; it’s the reality we live. Our words on paper reflect our work in the classroom and our lives in the world.
  • Committed to a contextually-sound, Spirit-illumined exegesis, Spirit-anointed exposition, and Spirit-empowered application. Study of the Bible and its theology should result in practical transformation and humility, not pride and prejudice.
  • Unashamed to be Wesleyan-Arminian in theology and passionate about sharing the message of Spirit-filled, holy living.


  • Degrees that are both regionally (HLC) and nationally (ABHE) accredited.
  • Transfer up to 30 hours of graduate work toward a M.Div. at Wesley Biblical Seminary.
  • Affordable tuition with easy payment options.
  • Online study reinforced by real-time video dialogue with professors and classmates.
  • Study with experienced professors who are recognized experts in their fields.
  • An academic and intellectual environment that pursues excellence and values piety.

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For follow-up questions please email the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Philip Brown, or by phone at (513) 763-6575.


We are accredited by both the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). See why having both matters.


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