Staff & Faculty Ministry Availability

Our staff and faculty are available to come alongside you in ministry.

  • Kristin Bird – educational training conferences, women’s conferences, biblical worldview training
  • Allan Brown – pulpit supply; camp meetings; revivals; seminars on marriage and child rearing; seminars on holiness (sanctification)
  • Philip Brown – revival services; Bible conferences; seminars on loving God and others; special topics seminars (how we got our Bible, holiness of heart and life, living a biblical lifestyle, how to understand the Bible, etc.)
  • Charlotte Frederickmother / daughter banquets; women’s retreat or conference speaker; church and family seminars; family life seminars; children’s ministry seminars
  • Richard Miles – pulpit supply (including revivals and camp meetings); marriage conferences; parenting conferences; relationship conferences; conflict resolution seminars; pastoral counseling; pastoral marriage and premarital counseling; church conflict mediation
  • Daryl MuirMarriage Matters Ministry, Inc.; Men of Integrity Retreat
  • Aaron Profitt – workshops for schools (assessment, parental involvement, other issues); workshops on planning for college (for high-school students, parents and/or teachers/advisors); pulpit supply; strategic planning; accreditation
  • Jessica Smith – pianist, organist & worship leader; coordinator of student-led ministries and outreach ministries for churches involving groups of students
  • Stephen Smith – pulpit supply; weekend revival meetings; summer camp meetings; special topics seminars (understanding the book of Revelation; how to interpret the Bible)
  • Sonja Vernon – women’s retreats; other women’s special events; ministry to youth and/or youth workers
  • Cheryl Watters – single ladies ministry for widows, divorcees and never married
  • Jason Weed – websites for Christian schools; hosting; monthly maintenance plans available –

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Staff & Faculty Ministry Availability