Student Organizations

Student Government

Our Student Council exists to strengthen mutual respect, provide a means of greater cooperation in those things that concern our spiritual and physical welfare, and afford a means of mutual understanding.

Students elect upper-level students to serve as officers and elect representatives from each class (freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior) and from the student organizations (e.g. international student organization, divisional organizations).

Student Activities

  • Harvest Party
  • Spring Lock-In

Community Involvement

  • Organize community Christmas caroling
  • Annual Hoxworth Blood Drive

International Student Organization

The ISO seeks to foster understanding and promote relationships between individuals across cultural and national boundaries. The ISO strives to help the process of adaptation for international students and offers opportunities for relationship-building between international and American Students.

Divisional Organizations

  • Music
  • Ministerial
  • Professional Studies

Student Council Officers

  • Ariana Gattone, President
  • Cale Manley, Vice President
  • Renee Albring, Secretary
  • Greg Hinton, Treasurer

Student Council Representatives

  • Freshman Class – Cameron Going & Anna Donohue
  • Sophomore Class – Curtis Epp & Lily Rectenwald
  • Junior Class – Casey Fordyce & Allyson Robertson
  • Senior Class – Jorden Messner & Rebecca Pohl
  • DPS Division – Elizabeth Fleming & Lane Webb
  • Music Division – Moses Robertson & Angel Campbell

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