Graduate Admissions

The admissions process for Masters students is fairly straightforward.

  1. Please read up on the graduate admission requirements before you apply.
  2. Complete your application and pay the $40 application fee.
    1. We must receive your final official transcripts from all previous academic work undertaken at any college or university. Applicants must request that official copies be mailed to the Office of Admissions.
    2. Three written recommendations from at least one of each of the following: a pastor or spiritual leader, a major professor or academic adviser, and a former supervisor/employer. Applicants are responsible to distribute these forms to people who are asked to give a recommendation on their behalf.
      1. Send your requests for a recommendation.
    3. A recent picture of the applicant.
    4. Several 500 word essays must accompany the application and address the topics identified on the application form.
  3. Your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.
  4. Once approval is granted, your letter of acceptance will be issued.
  5. Once you’ve been accepted into the program you can register for classes.


  • Fall semester applications are due July 1.
  • Spring semester applications are due November 1.

Be sure to check out the course catalog, view the school calendar for important dates and deadlines, and read through the student handbook which sets the expectations for students.

Maricka Herrer – GBSC’s first Masters graduate

Although the nature of our study was academic, it was never allowed to [be merely] theoretical, professors consistently showed the practical implications of what was being taught for life and ministry.


As a result, I am much better equipped not only to study Scripture but also to apply it [practically].


The Masters Program delivered what it promised.


I found it personally transformative.

Maricka Herrer


  • Degrees that are both regionally (HLC) and nationally (ABHE) accredited.
  • Transfer up to 30 hours of graduate work toward a M.Div. at Wesley Biblical Seminary.
  • Affordable tuition with easy payment options.
  • Online study reinforced by real-time video dialogue with professorsand classmates.
  • Study with experienced professors who are recognized experts in their fields.
  • An academic and intellectual environment that pursues excellence and values piety.


For follow-up questions please email the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Philip Brown, or by phone at (513) 763-6575.

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Hey, I’m Nathan Dahler.

Feeling overwhelmed and need to understand your options?

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