Holiness – What You Need to Do

by | Oct 1, 2015

To get the priceless gift of the Holy Spirit—a clean heart— you must work together with God. On God’s side, all things are ready, and He waits and longs to give the blessing; but before He can do so, you must, with His help, get yourself ready; you must do your part, which is very simple, and easily within your power to do.

You must see your need of the blessing, and to see this need, you must be clearly justified. You must not try to hide the need but frankly confess it. Then you must believe that the blessing is for you, and that it is for you now. The next thing to do is to come to Jesus for the blessing, with a true heart, holding back nothing, but giving your all to Him for time and eternity, that He may give His all to you.

The Lord offers us the biggest blessing this side of Heaven. He offers us perfect cleansing from sin, perfect victory over the devil, and the Holy Spirit to dwell in our clean hearts to teach and guide and comfort us; but in exchange He asks us to give Him our little all.

How infinitely and hopelessly foolish shall we be if we are so selfish or tearful or unbelieving as to refuse! It is as though a king should offer a poor beggar garments of velvet and gold in exchange for rags, diamonds in exchange for dirt, and a glorious palace in place of a cellar.

How foolish would the beggar be who should insist on keeping a few of his rags, a little handful of his dirt, and the privilege of going back to his cellar now and again, until the king finally withdraws all the splendid things he had offered!

And yet so foolish, and more so, are they who try to get this blessing from God, while refusing to consecrate their all and obey Him fully.

Samuel Logan Brengle (1860–1936) was a commissioner in The Salvation Army and a leading author, teacher, and preacher on the doctrine of holiness. His books include The Soul Winner’s Secret, Helps to Holiness, and Heart Talks on Holiness. This excerpt is adapted from The Way of Holiness.