I Wait On Your Goodness

by | Jan 10, 2016

I wait.


I hope.


I trust ~ in You.

Those words, written by Joe Choi (Worship Pastor at OB One Church, San Diego) and sung by Steve Green on his album Always – Songs of Worship, have filled my mind an entire morning as I sit here listening to the music play quietly on repeat from our entertainment system.

Our world is not… (I was going to continue, “…not quiet or peaceful. One must exert considerable effort to find solitude in the midst of constant distraction, chaos, and pain,” but here I must pause.)

After typing those four words, with a definite thought I wanted to remember, I was unceremoniously interrupted as an update took over my computer, abruptly shutting it down. “Frustration” barely defines what I experienced as I watched it close and a pop-up notice reminded me to not power off as it proceeded to reboot, then slowly configured Windows.

And I continued to hope. This particular time the hope was that I could keep my train of thought long enough to put it into writing. I watched as programs began to reopen on my laptop when in another room four-month old Peter awakened with a demanding cry.

Picking up the baby I returned to a restored computer where the Pandora station had automatically started playing a previously paused Chris Rice song, Come to Jesus. And I did – with tears. Annoyed by the discordant tunes I again paused the music at the computer tab and found myself “crying” to Jesus. The other lyrics now continuously, softly play: I hope in your faithfulness……… and I allow tears to flow freely.

I wait, I hope, I trust in You
I wait having done all I can
I hope having done all I stand
I trust, You come and meet me as I am


I wait knowing You’re here with me
I hope as You sing over me
I trust, I find my destiny in You


Oh, I will trust You
I will trust You
I will hope in You

Hugging my little grandson, now calmed and laying his head against my shoulder we stand looking out the window to the American flag gently flapping from the porch across the street, and the sun is shining. Leaves rustle in the breeze and the music still plays, As You sing over me, I trust. I find my destiny in You. Oh, I will trust You!

The previous, disturbing thoughts concerning the lack of peace so prevalent in today’s world…they again go on hold. The solitude I just experienced didn’t come by my effort at all.

“It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.” Lamentations 3:26 (KJV)