Apologetics and Cultural Engagement

Course code: PRTH 570

This course covers the broad outline of apologetics and seeks to develop materials and skills to engage contemporary cultural issues. Students will master a case for Christianity and responses to common objections. The course covers the nature of truth, the existence of God, the authority of Scripture, the claims of Christ, and His bodily resurrection. Students will develop responses to pressing cultural questions, including the problem of evil, human sexuality, and gender identity.

What will you gain from this course?

  • Knowledge of:
    • Presuppositional and evidentialist apologetic frameworks.
    • Phases of spiritual discovery that unbelievers move through on their journey to the cross.
    • Key questions to use in conversations with unbelievers to help them progress in their spiritual journey.
    • Logical arguments for theism.
    • Arguments regarding some of the other major issues in Apologetics, such as the nature of truth, the problem of evil, Jesus’ resurrection, and Scripture’s authority.
    • The role of apologetics in evangelism.
  • Appreciation for:
    • The work of apologists who are engaging the skeptics of this age.
    • Proven apologetic tactics and strategies.
  • Increased:
    • Love for the skeptic and desire for them to come to know the Lord.
    • Practice analyzing and critiquing arguments against Christianity while constructing arguments in favor of Christianity.
    • Comfort in interacting with unbelievers in online discussion forums and in-person discussion groups.
    • Human relation skills to win friends and influence people toward becoming believers.

Assignment Overview

  • Weekly homework includes live synchronous class video meetings, readings, prerecorded lectures, and discussion forums.
  • At various points throughout the semester, students will dialogue with skeptics and keep a journal of those conversations.
  • Once during the semester students teach a lesson on Apologetics outside of class (usually in a Sunday school class, but other options will be entertained).
  • Quizzes and a research paper assess completion of course objectives.

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Dr. Mark Bird


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