Biblical Languages and Technology
Course code: BITH 500

Biblical Languages and Technology is an introduction to how language works, including Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek, as well as to the use of technology in the study of Biblical texts. Specifically, the course exposes students to key online applications and to the software packages, Logos and BibleWorks.

Intended Outcomes

  • Knowledge of
    • Key elements of how language works and the main implications of general linguistics for the study of Scripture
    • The best online tools for accessing biblical language study and related resources, such as Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, commentaries.
    • The theory, methods, and components of doing Greek and Hebrew word studies.
    • How to use BibleWorks, Logos Bible Software, and other helpful software resources for concordance work, translation comparison, and original language word studies and with using Logos for Bible study and research.
    • The Greek and Hebrew alphabets, their sounds, transliterations, and pronunciations.
  • Appreciation for
    • The significance of understanding how language works for understanding Scripture.
    • The riches we possess in a plurality of modern English versions.
  • Motivation to
    • Believe that responsible use of textual resources requires one to consider all the textual data when evaluating differences between translations.
    • Be a more linguistically responsible student of Scripture for life.
  • Ability to
    • Identify and explain the key elements of how language works and the main implications of general linguistics for the study of Scripture.
    • Do an intermediate level word study of a Greek or Hebrew word.
    • Access the Hebrew and Greek resources in BibleWorks or online tools for responsible study of Scripture.
    • Identify and successfully research the reasons for significant difference between translations.
    • Explain to others the purposes and best uses of the range of English translations available.

Assignment Overview

  • Lectures and auxiliary materials will supplement the textbooks to insure that you are adequately exposed to the necessary information. Study questions over the assigned readings will let you to know what material is most important for the purposes of this course. Online synchronous video sessions will provide opportunity for discussion, clarification, and some lecture.
  • Students will complete guided tutorials in Bibleworks and Logos, then will perform word studies on Hebrew and Greek words using these tools. These word studies begin to equip students with the tools to do their own evaluation of Bible translations and commentaries.


Dr. Philip Brown
Dr. Philip Brown

Dr. Stephen Smith

Required Software

  • BibleWorks 10 ($299 fee)
  • Logos 8 Basic (free download)


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