Biblical Theology of Christian Worship
Course code: PRTH 520

Biblical Theology of Christian Worship provides an overview of biblical and theological principles of Christian worship and examines the concepts and practices of true worship in the Holy Bible.

Through a systematic study of related scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments, students will develop a theology of worship that incorporates biblical guidelines for a personal life of worship and for designing and leading corporate worship experiences.

Intended Outcomes

  • Knowledge of:
    • Key concepts about biblical worship of God
    • Elements of worship which are found in the Old and New Testaments
    • Ways to reconcile and merge OT and NT worship ideals
    • Biblical use in worship of prayer, reading of scripture, music, space, ordinances, and leaders.
  • Appreciation for
    • Christian Worship based on scripture rather than just tradition.
    • The importance that God, through his Word, places on true worship.
  • Motivation to
    • Encapsulate and incorporate biblical concepts of worship for today’s services.
    • Arrive at a workable theology of worship to give guidance in practical worship design.
  • Ability to
    • Recite/write by memory fifteen important scripture portions about worship.
    • Give a detailed description of the biblical thought processes concerning true worship.
    • Verbalize a succinct theology of worship based on the entirety of scripture.
    • Write a final paper on an approved topic to continue independent research in this area.

Assignment Overview

  • Lectures and auxiliary materials will supplement the textbooks to insure that you are adequately exposed to the necessary information. Study questions over the assigned readings will let you to know what material is most important for the purposes of this course.
  • Online synchronous video sessions will provide opportunity for discussion, clarification, and some lecture. There may be pre-recorded video lectures as well.
  • Text readings and other homework projects will be assigned weekly and tested regularly.


Dr. Paul Peak


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