Course code: SYTH 520

Ecclesiology is a systematic study of the doctrine of the Church grounded in the Trinitarian nature and life of God. Ecclesiology fits within the larger doctrinal theme of the Kingdom of God and observes specifically how God’s mission is being fulfilled through His saving reign in the Church.

Intended Outcomes

  • Knowledge of
    • Scripture passages that are critical to a systematic understanding of the Church.
    • the historical figures and documents that are formative for contemporary ecclesiology.
    • the role of the Church in God’s mission and saving reign.
  • Appreciation for
    • the various applications of Biblical teaching about the Church.
    • the necessity of the Church in God’s plan for salvation.
    • the Church as the people of God in this present world.
  • Gaining of confidence
    • in God’s promise to sustain His work through the Church.
  • Ability to
    • relate the Church directly to the life and nature of the Triune God while making practical applications of Trinitarian theology in the Church.
    • implement God’s mission in the local Church.
    • establish proper roles, policies, and procedures for carrying out the authority of the Church in your local ministry.
    • train leaders in your local church for carrying out the ministry of the Church.
    • apply specific biblical instructions on the Church to your local ministry.
    • articulate a personal political theology of Church and State.

Assignment Overview

  • Inductive Bible study throughout the course will encourage original and critical thinking by students.
  • Weekly reading assignments will supplement the lectures and provide material for discussion.
  • Students will write essays on the following topics:
    • What Counts as Church?
    • The Spirit and the Church
    • The Kingdom of God
    • Israel and the Church
    • Authority of the Church
    • Church and State


Dr. David Fry

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