Pastoral Teaching: Theology and Practice
Course code: PRTH 511

Course Description

Pastoral Teaching is an investigation of the Pauline theology of pastoral teaching as distinct from pastoral preaching and its application to pastoral ministry, as well as the preparation and presentation of exegetical, Bible-focused lessons designed to engage laymen with the text and guide them to thoughtful practical application to their lives.

Intended Outcomes

Students will know

  • The biblical qualifications for a pastor in the area of teaching
  • Proper and improper uses of imagination in preaching and teaching
  • Basic principles for effective teaching
  • How the pastoral teaching ministry relates to the other aspects of pastoral ministry
  • How to teach believers what the Bible teaches about Gender-distinct clothing, modesty and adornment, and the visible symbolism of the headship structure of the church

Students will appreciate the biblically-sound bases for the lifestyle commitments that are distinctives of the conservative holiness movement.

They will be motivated to pursue both spiritual and academic excellence with a view to improving teaching skills.

They will be committed to the Bible as both the source and substance of teaching ministry.

Students will have moderate confidence in their ability to exegete and present the Scriptural grounds for a biblical lifestyle in a teaching forum, whether Sunday School, Bible Study, or membership class setting.

Students will be able to

  • explain how the skills used in expository preaching relate to the pastoral teaching ministry.
  • utilize exegetical skills in the construction of expository lesson guides.
  • read Scripture aloud distinctly and smoothly.
  • teach and speak more skillfully.

Assignment Overview

This class emphasizes theology and practice. Therefore, students will…

Write an inductive study of Pauline theology regarding pastoral teaching; and

Practice by preparing two lessons with a local church audience in mind. Lessons will include student handouts, a teacher’s guide, and a PowerPoint presentation. All three lessons will be taught in-class with the professor and other students via live video conference. Students will also choose one lesson to teach in a local church setting.

Lesson 1: Students will teach through their approved choice of passage exegetically.

Lesson 2: Students will teach what the Bible says about one of these topics: 

  • Gender-distinct clothing
  • Modesty
  • Adornment
  • The visible symbolism of the headship structure of the church.

Students are not required to mimic any professor’s point of view. Regardless of what viewpoint students present on these topics, their presentations should rely on Scriptural rationale built on careful exegesis.

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