Principles of Teaching and Course Design
Course code: PRTH 580

Course Description

Principles of Teaching and Course Design reviews biblical perspectives on teaching and learning, surveys principles of adult education, and explores best practices of course design and development, especially in the context of a Bible college and Bible/theology teaching. Students will learn how to design lessons and courses that go beyond communicating content to facilitating learning. Students will apply those skills to creating a course that they may someday teach.

Intended Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will have…

  • Developed a plan for growing in their practice of teaching.
  • Designed rubrics for evaluating discussion forums and research papers.
  • Created syllabi for a course in their discipline area.
  • Designed lesson plans for alternate approaches to learning.

Assignment Overview

Students will…

  • Attend live online class meetings over the course of the semester.
  • Read weekly assignments.
  • Participate in discussion forums and complete two interactive book reviews.
  • Write a course definition, then use it to create syllabi for three different versions of the course: sixteen-week residential delivery, eight-week hybrid delivery, and eight-week online delivery.
  • Create lesson plans for two class sessions.


Dr. Mark Bird


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