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One Strike and You’re Out?

I grew up in a one-strike-and-you’re-out kind of church. Anytime I messed up, I wasn’t saved anymore. This was horribly depressing, because I messed up frequently.   What does the Bible teach about this? How do I change from a performance model of relating to God...

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Union with Christ

You mentioned in Sunday school that union with Christ is the basis of our justification as well as our sanctification.   Why don’t more people talk about union with Christ? —Shelley Dear Shelley, I suspect union with Christ did not get much attention in most...

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Exposing Children to Evil

How much evil should I expose my children to?   What does it mean for us to be “simple concerning evil?” —Judy Dear Judy, This is certainly a concern I have. Most of us have scars from exposures to evil which we wish we never had. We want to preserve our children...

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What about Tattoos

I have married, female, church friends who have recently gotten tattoos and they often ask me if I have a tattoo.   I would like to have a better answer than, “Why put graffiti on a masterpiece?”   Can you please help me (1) understand Leviticus 19:28 and...

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What about ‘Discrepancies’ in Scripture?

I have been reading in a chronological Bible that contrasts the accounts of 2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21.   How do you explain the differences of the amount of money given by David to cover the cost of the offering.   In a previous account during the...

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God Told Me – Getting Guidance from God

Dear Phil, What do you think about the book by Jim Samra, God Told Me Who to Marry, Where to Work, Which Car to Buy...And I'm Pretty Sure I'm Not Crazy? Do you think it a helpful work on divine guidance? Jeremiah, Dear Jeremiah, Thanks for alerting me to this book!...

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Do Muslims & Christians Worship the same God

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Ken Dear Ken, Challenging question! It has certainly lit up the blogosphere over the past couple months, primarily due to the flap at Wheaton created by one of its tenured female professors asserting that Muslims and...

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What about Tongues

Is there anything in the Bible that makes it clear if "tongues" are "ok"?  I've never been for it and in fact it almost seems on the evil side to me. A lot of that probably comes from being taught that the way people used them wasn't of God. Randy Dear Randy, Great...

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