Help us reach this year’s goal of $120,000 for the Work-Study Program!

How can you make a difference?

Gifts of all sizes towards Phonathon support our work students and get us closer to our annual goal of $120,000 for the Student Work Program. 

Give online, or mail your gift to the attention of the Donor Relations Office

We also appreciate your prayers as we provide jobs for students and work to fund this important part of our ministry.

What’s Phonathon?

In short, Phonathon is all about our Work-Study Students

Students enrolled in our Work-Study Program have the opportunity to hold part-time jobs on campus — financially enabling them to attend GBSC and providing them with valuable workplace experience while in college. 

These student-held positions include a variety of departments and are vital for day-to-day operations on campus.  

Because we rely on gifts from our alumni and friends to fund this important part of our ministry, our Student Work Program Ambassadors reach out via phone calls to thank those who have given towards Phonathon and to ask if they’d like to help us reach our annual goal of $120,000 for the Work-Study Program.

Unable to give?

We still want to talk with you!

The generous supporters of GBSC are what keep our ministry alive. We want to thank you, hear from you, and pray with you about any requests you’d like to share.

Why phone calls?

We want to connect with you! Students are excited to get to know alumni and friends of GBSC and want to give you the opportunity to talk with current students! 

Prefer to be contacted another way? We get it. Let us know by completing our online form

Have questions? 

Let us know!

Contact Janet Albertson at janetalbertson@gbs.edu, or call (513) 721-7944 Ext. 1212. 

Work Program Benefits

Work-study students:

  • hold jobs on campus to pay for tuition
  • can attend college debt-free while completing their studies
  • gain invaluable workplace skills and experience
  • play a significant role maintaining campus
  • can immediately enter ministry without debt after graduation
Work Program Stats
  • 70 current work students
  • 15+ different departments (including academy, maintenance, library, housekeeping, cafeteria, and a variety of offices)
  • 15-20 hrs worked per student per week

Check out open work-study positions at gbs.edu/careers.

“The Work-Study Program has been a tremendous blessing to me. Along with helping me cover tuition, this program has provided me with great job experience and the opportunity to build a new set of life skills. One thing that I love about my on-campus job is that I get to work with other committed Christians who challenge and encourage me in my walk with God.”

Josue Diaz

Work Student, Maintenance

“GBSC’s growth-focused philosophy reaches into every area of student life – including the student-work program! While preparing to be an elementary teacher, the program has helped me cover tuition, provided valuable experience, and taught me about loving God and loving others in everything that I do.”

Rebecca Pohl

Work Student, Business Office

Meet our callers!

Our Student Work Program Ambassadors are excited to chat with you! 

Here’s a little more about them. 

Anthony Paulus

Class: Sophomore
Division: Ministerial
Degree: Pastoral Studies
About Me
It has been a great privilege to attend GBSC and learn from some of the best professors there are! God has called me to be a pastor, and I pray that as I communicate with you over the phone, I will exemplify Christ to His fullest potential. I love GBSC, and I am so thankful to be able to work in the Student Work Program!
Fun Fact
I love to be outdoors of most any kind! Riding four-wheelers, rock climbing, swimming, and riding horses are all things I enjoy doing.

Rachel Klotz

Class: Senior
Division: Professional Studies (DPS)
Degree: BA in Integrative Studies
About Me
I love GBSC, and I am so thankful to be able to work in the Student Work Program! I plan on incorporating what I learn in my future ministry plans.
Fun Fact
Missions has my heart! I love traveling, and was able to go on a short term trip to Papua New Guinea this past summer. (My family will be moving to PNG as missionaries this coming summer).

Samuel Cramer

Class: Junior
Division: Professional Studies (DPS)
Degree: BA in Integrative Studies

About Me
I plan to become a high school math teacher at a Christian school. My time at GBSC has been the most formative and life changing times of my life as I have grown closer to God and what He wants me to do with my life. God provided an answer to prayer through a job in the Student Work Program right when I needed it and when I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my school bill payed. I am very excited to get to know the donors who have been such a blessing in my life and in the lives of countless other GBSC students!
Fun Fact
In my free time, I enjoy reading, hunting, and hanging out with my friends.