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You need to focus on your ministry, not paying back large amounts of college debt. This is why our tuition is affordable, ranking #1 in the nation* among schools with both regional and ABHE accreditation.

This is also why we’re offering you a free class:

  1. Christian Beliefs OR
  2. Doctrine and Practice of Prayer

We provide this in a flexible online program for those with family, job or ministry duties.

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For follow-up questions please contact Dr. Marcia Davis, Online Program Director at mdavis@gbs.edu or by phone at (513) 763-6518.

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We are accredited by both the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). See why having both matters.

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GBSC’s distance education program has become a means of grace to me.
Travis Johnson

Senior Pastor

I love the fact the online classes provide the student with videos from the actual classes held on campus!
Chuck Chapman