MA in Theology


  • 36 credits (2 years full-time)
  • Completely online
  • Weekly live video conferences with professor and classmates

The MA in Theology is designed for those who would like to develop an advanced understanding of Christian theology and skill in thinking theologically. Special attention is given to the Wesleyan-Arminian theological tradition. Students learn to investigate, articulate, and apply all the domains of theological inquiry. An undergraduate degree, at least 30 undergraduate hours of Bible & Theology, and one semester of biblical languages are prerequisites.

Course Outline

MA in Theology
Biblical Hermeneutics 3 hours
Old Testament Theology 3 hours
New Testament Theology 3 hours
Biblical Theology of Holiness 3 hours
Advanced Systematic Theology 3 hours
Wesleyan-Arminian Theology 3 hours
Ecclesiology 3 hours
Apologetics and Cultural Engagement 3 hours
Historical /Systematic Theology Electives 6 hours
Practical Theology Electives 6 hours
Total: 36 hours

Graduate Program Calendar

    Spring 2023 Dates

    • April 2nd--8th: Spring break
    • May 6th: Spring classes end
    • May 20th: Commencement

    Summer 2023 Dates

    • May 29th: Summer term begins
    • June 1st: Program and scholarship application deadline for Fall 2023
    • July 2nd: 8th - Summer break
    • July 29th: Summer term ends

    Fall 2023 Dates

    • August 14th: Fall classes convene
    • October 22-28th: Break (Aldersgate Form)
    • November 19th-25: Thanksgiving Break
    • December 1st: Program and scholarship application deadline for Spring 2024
    • December 16th: Fall classes end

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